What Eric Church Thinks Is the ‘Weirdest Thing’ About ‘Heart on Fire’ Music Video

by Shelby Scott

Eric Church has had one solid year in country music. Latest hits include “Stick That In Your Country Song” and “Hell of a View” among others. Now, while the aviator-wearing artist continues to see songs topping charts left and right. Meanwhile, he’s also spoken about some of his music videos. Most recently, Church shared his thoughts on his unique video for “Heart on Fire,” calling it the “weirdest thing” to watch.

For those Outsiders that haven’t yet viewed the music video, Eric Church takes viewers through a 15-year career of country music. He highlights iconic moments from previous music videos. It puts a familiar spin on the artist’s latest hit. Additionally, it’s also interesting to take the trip through the video and identify which songs actually go with what footage. Check it out below.

In speaking with “Amazon Music’s Country Heat Weekly” podcast, Eric Church expanded on what exactly makes the video so strange. Essentially, the video features earlier clips from previous songs. However, rather than singing the song that pairs with the particular video frame, designers have made it so that each clip shows Eric Church singing “Heart on Fire.”

“It’s kinda deep fake weird,” Church began. “[I]t’s the weirdest thing watching your mouth do things it never did.”

For our own benefit, Eric Church also shared with the podcast how the designers accomplished the challenging feat.

“[T]hey put these dots with a little ink pen, then they put these dots all over my face, and they [had] these cameras that focused on all these dots,” Church explained. “They knew where my facial profile was and I would have to turn this many degrees and lip-synch the songs so it was wild.”

Overall, it all seems incredibly complicated. Nevertheless, we’re still loving “Heart on Fire” as well as the music video, no matter how trippy it really is.

Eric Church Speaks About the Making of ‘Heart on Fire’

Comparatively to one of Eric Church’s current chart-topper “Hell of a View,” “Heart on Fire” shines a light on the earlier sound and rhythm the artist debuted with long ago. And while the music video itself was surely a challenge to put together, it functions as a country music time capsule for both fans and Eric Church himself.

And in a recent Instagram post, the star spoke out about the significance of “Heart on Fire” and how it initially got its start.

What makes the song so noteworthy right off the bat is that Church wrote the hit song entirely by himself. The country star added that “Heart on Fire” kind of kickstarted his and his crew’s efforts for Heart & Soul project.

“I credit this song a lot for getting us where we ended up getting to with that project,” Church shared.

Regardless of the purpose “Heart on Fire” served in the creation of the star’s major project, it’s become the third single released off his latest album and we can’t wait to see which of the Chief’s songs top charts next.