When Will Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood Return From Quarantine?

by Atlanta Northcutt

Since Garth Brooks made the announcement that he and his wife Trisha Yearwood would be quarantined for the unforeseeable future, people are asking exactly how long that will be.

The Garth Brooks’ Tweet Heard Around the World

Brooks took to his social media accounts last week to inform fans that the couple’s tour is canceled after an unnamed team member tested positive for COVID-19.

“Due to someone on their team testing positive for Covid-19 and out of an abundance of caution, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are canceling everything and testing and quarantining for two weeks,” Brooks wrote on his official Twitter site.

Brooks adds that other than he and Yearwood isolating themselves for two weeks, they’d also be receiving tests every 72 hours. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the one person in this group that has already tested positive,” he says. “[We] hope that’s as far as it goes…and hopefully we get past this thing.”

Brooks and Yearwood’s Plans Come to a Halt

Brooks and Yearwood had a full list of activities and shows lined up prior to announcing the cancellations lasting for more than two weeks. The two had planned to host a special event that was set to air on Friday, Feb. 12.

Garth and Trisha had signed on to be guest co-hosts for a special Valentine’s Day edition of Ellen. Fans were looking forward to the husband and wife’s expected musical number of their latest single “Shallow.” A full band performance of the couple’s duet was going to be one of the highlights of the daytime talk show’s episode.

Per a fan’s request, the two covered the hit song from the movie A Star is Born. The tune first gained notoriety after Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed it in the film. Brooks and Yearwood’s version became so popular that it was officially recorded and placed on Brooks’ new album, Fun.

Viewers will have to remain up-to-date on the status of the couple’s quarantine situation in order to know when their live musical performances and TV show appearances will start up again.

Fans Will Have to Go Without the Couple’s Livestreams

Performances and appearances aren’t the only things off the table. Brooks’ weekly Facebook Live series Inside Studio G is also on a break for the time being. Yearwood’s streaming series T’s Coffee Talk is currently facing a cancelation, as well.

“The Queen and I will be quarantining, living on love, and testing every 72 hours,” Brooks says. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the one person in this group that has already tested positive.”

The Second Threat of COVID Causes Extreme Precautions

This is the second time the couple is canceling appearances due to the pandemic. Last summer, Brooks’ daughter had contracted the virus resulting in the whole family going into isolation. At this time, there is no mention of either Brooks or Yearwood receiving a COVID diagnosis.

It’s unknown how long Garth and Trisha will be taking time off. They will be using this time to focus on remaining healthy and avoiding the virus. It’s obvious the two are taking the situation very seriously with constant screenings, isolations, and cancellations when needed.

Like many others in the entertainment industry, guest appearances will be postponed until a more suitable and safe environment is available.

Revisiting Previous Garth and Trisha Moments

If you’re having some serious Brooks and Yearwood withdrawals, you can rewatch their most recent appearance on the pre-taped NBC special, Grand Ole Opry: 95 Years of Country Music that aired on Sunday, Feb. 14. Or you can take a walk down memory lane and watch previous musical performances on Youtube or other streaming sites.