Whiskey Myers’ Cody Cannon Speaks on ‘Red Dirt’ Country, Primary Influences for Band

by Will Shepard

In the world of country music, Whiskey Myers stands out. Cody Cannon, the frontman for the band, recently went on Steven Rinella’s podcast “MeatEater.” Cannon was on with fellow band members Chris Alexander and Khris Poage.

On the show, Cannon talks about “Red Dirt” country and the primary influences for Whiskey Myers. And while the show centers around hunting, Cannon directs the conversation to country music.

In particular, Cannon tells listeners how the best country music is really just rock and roll with a twist. The conversation focuses on how Whiskey Myers landed on Red Dirt country.

First, Cannon talks about how to differentiate themselves in the world of music. Cannon and Whiskey Myers have designed a whole different genre that isn’t easy to identify.

“Rock and roll, country, and blues would be, I think, our three main influences. As far as putting a lane on it, I don’t think I could put a specific genre.”

The guys continue to try to define their brand of music, which leads them to delve into the world of “Red Dirt.”

“Red Dirt country is kind of a sub-genre, very popular in Texas. It’s kind of rocking, kinda country, it’s very similar to Americana. from the outside, a lot more wholesome, and it’s real, and it’s not mainstream country.”

Cannon Talks About the Brutal Honest of ‘Red Dirt’

Next, Cannon describes how the band’s music is certainly not main-stream but that they’ve found a niche. Their music is not what you’d expect, and thus, their fans get a brand new style.

“Any time you get into anything at all, theres a little bu—-it.”

“It’s very honest, and pure still. Jason Boland, Ragweeds, they were different. I don’t know where the name comes from, but it’s just an independent mindset. ‘Red Dirt’ country is exactly what it seems and is easy to follow. It is strictly controlled by the artist. It isn’t manicured and one hundred percent what the artist stands for.”

Cannon says that red dirt country is absolutely honest and that when the artists use that style, it truly represents them.

“Sometimes, you can listen to an artist and say exactly what the music is. For somebody like us, one song might be country, the next song might be mud, almost thrashing… we do go all over the place.”

Red dirt country is more authentic to where the brain goes all day. It expresses what artists feel and act. So, Cannon says that the band does what they want to do, and that’s why their music is the way that it is.

Their ballads are beautiful and captivating. But, that said, Cannon and Whiskey Myers like to perform rock and roll shows during their live performances.

The show goes on to talk about people moving towards sad songs. People dig sadness. Afterward, Rinella gets Cannon to talk more about his music. So, if you’re interested in listening to the whole interview, go check out the full interview.