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Whiskey Myers Shares Cryptic Post Hinting They’re Back in the Studio

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Whiskey Myers is up to something. That’s about all we can be sure of at this point. Since late January, they’ve been teasing fans with cryptic videos and photos on social media. Most fans believe that those cryptic posts can only point to one thing: new music. However, that band remains tight-lipped with any details about their plans. Let’s walk through their cryptic posts before we start speculating.

Whiskey Myers Leaves a Trail of Breadcrumbs

Whiskey Myers dropped the first of their cryptic messages on January 30th. That post contained the sun shining through the fog and a stand of barren trees. Additionally, the post shows its location to be Tornillo, Texas. That will be important later.

A little over a week later, on February 7th, Whiskey Myers posted another cryptic message. This time, the post contained a video. It appears to be a time-lapse of the same set of trees from a different angle. In the short clip, we see the stars travel across the night sky. Then, the sun comes up before the video abruptly ends. The location stamp on that post is the same as the previous photo.

Both of these posts had Whiskey Myers fans talking. They were all betting that the band was teasing a new album. However, today’s post took away all of their doubts.

What’s in Tornillo, Texas?

Today, exactly one week after the previous post, Whiskey Myers posted another cryptic video. This time, we see why they’ve been in Tornillo, Texas since January 30th.

The video shows shots of the East Texas landscape as well as the familiar barren trees. Then, we see a shot of a sign that reads “Sonic Ranch.” Some people would have picked this out long before now just by looking at the posts’ location. Tornillo is a border town in East Texas with a population of fewer than 2,000 people. Sonic Ranch, the biggest residential recording complex in the country, is just about the only thing in Tornillo.

Now Whiskey Myers fans don’t have to wonder anymore. The band is definitely in the studio. Furthermore, they’re back in the studio where they cut their 2019 self-titled album. And, they’ve been there for a couple of weeks.

We Still Have Questions

These posts tell us that Whiskey Myers is in the studio. With that, we can assume that they’re working on a long-awaited new record. However, it still leaves plenty of questions. For instance, how far along are they in the recording process? If they’re done recording, how long will it be until they release new music?

100% Pure Grade-A Speculation

The Whiskey Myers Is a Comin’ Tour is set to kick off later this week. So, it would be safe to assume that they’re finished recording the new album. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll get it within the next couple of weeks. They’ll probably want to tease fans with a single or two before the record drops. Additionally, they have their Firewater Festival in late September.

Taking all of this into consideration, I predict new singles from Whiskey Myers in the spring. We’ll probably get the new album by the middle of summer. This would give them time to release, promote, and tour the record before headlining Firewater in September. However, this is all just speculation. I could be wrong. Only time will tell.