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Whiskey Myers Drop Epic Highlight Video of Tour Run Through the North Before Heading Home to Texas

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Whiskey Myers wrapped up the northern half of their tour earlier this month, and now they’re ready to head back south to Texas.

The Texas-based country band started their “Whiskey Myers Is a Coming Tour” this past February. But they quickly announced a follow-up tour for their latest album, “Tornillo.” The Tornillo Tour doesn’t start until April, so until then, Whiskey Myers will perform their classic hits for crowds across the US.

In the month of March, the band visited Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan specifically. As they head back to Texas for the rest of the tour, Whiskey Myers decided to drop an awesome video summing up their time in the northern part of the US.

“We braved the cold through the north the last run! We couldn’t be more excited to come back home and play a few shows in the great state of Texas,” the band captioned the video.

As you can see, Whiskey Myers filled those stadiums to the brim with screaming fans. They rocked on, throwing everything they have into these performances. We even see a little behind-the-scenes action of the band playing basketball at one point.

It’s exciting to see the band doing so well on tour. This next week, they take things home to Texas and perform in Lubbock, El Paso, and Midland.

Whiskey Myers Compliments ‘American Idol’ Contestant Who Sang ‘Stone’

Whiskey Myers has certainly grown bigger in recent years, thanks in large part to one of their song’s appearances on “Yellowstone.” The song, “Stone,” is so popular now that contestants are even using it for “American Idol” auditions.

Mark Osbourne from Bedford County, Virginia, absolutely rocked his audition with the song, per the band themselves. Whiskey Myers shared Osbourne’s audition on their own Twitter page, writing that he “killed it.”

Clearly, the judges thought so too. Lionel Richie said, “Here’s why I know you got something going on.” Then he stood up, went up to Osbourne, and asked the camera to come in close. Richie gestured to his and Osbourne’s matching mustaches. “Now you know… When you rock the mustache, you know what you’re doing, son. The ‘stache brings the cash.”

Katy Perry and Luke Combs lost it at his comment. But they also agreed that Osbourne definitely has potential. “I think vocally, down the road potentially, if you got to Hollywood, we’re gonna push you to really dig in deeper on some other stuff,” Bryan said. “But I really like where you’re at and your approach.”

Perry added, “When you’re singing, you’re singing from a real-life story. You’re the guy that we look for at ‘American Idol.’ It’s just authentic.”

The judges put it to a vote and decided to send Osbourne to Hollywood. It’ll be interesting to see if he pulls out any other Whiskey Myers songs along the way.