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Whiskey Myers Has Christmas Sweater Contests Locked Up in Miller Lite-Themed Holiday Pic

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

What’s a better way to celebrate Christmas than with a cold MillerLite? Country and Rock band Whiskey Myers is celebrating their Christmas a little different this year.

MillerLite sponsors Whiskey Myers in a few of their livestream shows. So, they want to honor this company the only way they know how.

In order to thank MillerLite, they post on Twitter yesterday saying, “Thank all of you and @MillerLite for an amazing 2021. We want to wish all of you and your families a Very Merry Christmas!”

One fan loves that they chose this beer to ring in the holidays.

“Solid choice in beers fellas! @MillerLite,” @JustCanaanBryce comments.

The band and crew are all wearing matching shirts with the logo, “‘Tis Miller Time.” Now, If that isn’t goals, what is?

Whiskey Myer’s History With MillerLite

Whiskey Myers started partnering with MillerLite during the beginning of the pandemic last year. They played in an empty venue at Billy Bob’s Texas while fans watched from home.

This gig lasted for almost an hour and gave fans an experience they will never forget. Many musicians struggled with not having a job during this time, so things like virtual concerts helped them out tremendously. It also gave fans something to do while sitting at home.

Overtime, Whiskey Myers has been able to release five impeccable studio albums. They have everything from acoustic country to guitar-shredding rock tunes. Whether you want to jam out with friends or think about life, this band has it all!

For example, their second debut album, Firewater released in 2011 and have stayed on top of the charts ever since. In fact, hit songs like, Ballad of a Southern Man, Broken Window Serenade, and Stone are three of the most streamed country/rock songs of all time. If you haven’t heard them, go download them on streaming platforms today! They are truly something worthwhile.

Before their career took off, the Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger chose them to open up for Stones at Soldier Field in Chicago of 2019. Their music has also premiered throughout each season of Paramount’s hit series, Yellowstone. All of this publicity and dedication has earned them a strong fan base from all over the world.

At the end of the day, someone somewhere is going to like what you put out. Might as well give it a shot!

MillerLite Releases Beernaments This Holiday Season

Are you a big fan of MillerLite on game days? Now, they offer mini beer-sized ornaments, known as Beernaments for you and your family to hang up on the Christmas tree! And it sounds like the perfect gift idea.

They come in a six-pack for only $19.75. This creative invention will help sponsor the rising country/rock stars, Whiskey Myers.