Whiskey Myers’ Jeff Hogg Marries Fiancée Staci Schellinger in Romantic Texas Ceremony

by Amy Myers

Whiskey Myers drummer Jeff Hogg tied the knot on Sunday with his sweetheart, Staci Schellinger. The two newlyweds had a private ceremony in Schellinger’s hometown of Emory, Texas among friends and family. According to the bridegroom, preparations for the ceremony only began six months ago due to pandemic-related complications, so the couple had to work fast to put everything in place.

At the same time, though, Hogg and Schellinger wanted their guests to feel comfortable attending their big day, so they made a streaming option available for those that wanted to attend from a distance.

“Once plans were in place, it would have been quite difficult to cancel, but we did put feelers out with friends and family to gauge what scenario they would be most comfortable in,” the Whiskey Myers drummer told People. “Of course, we always want our guests to be at ease, and no way obligated to attend in person, so we offered a streaming option to watch from afar.”

Hogg and his betrothed settled on a venue that they felt spoke to their passion for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. So, the two Texas natives said their vows at The Wildflower wedding venue. The bride walked down a dreamlike meadow, surrounded by tall oaks and cedars. Opting for a non-traditional attire, she wore a black gown with lace sleeves with a colorful bouquet full of roses. Meanwhile, the Whiskey Myers drummer dressed in a blue suit that perfectly matched his bride’s eyes.

Officiating the wedding was the couple’s mutual friend, Aaron Haddock, who made sure to add a bit of humor to the ceremony.

“They say one key to a lasting relationship is laughter, so why not start the marriage with a ceremony that doesn’t take itself too seriously?” Hogg shared.

How the Whiskey Myers Drummer Met His True Love

When Hogg and Schellinger first met, they were nothing more than friends. As the bride explained, they ran in the same social circles, but because of Whiskey Myers’ touring schedule, nothing happened initially. However, after a little time and patience, the stars aligned so that Hogg and his future bride were finally single at the same time. The rest was history.

Well, almost.

The two still debate over how long they dated before their nuptials. Hogg argues that they started seeing each other in January 2016, while Schellinger claims it was August 2014.

“The jury will forever be out,” the Whiskey Myers bride said.

As for the question of little ones in their future, it seems the two are content with the fur children that they already have. In attendance at the ceremony was the couple’s schnauzer, Calder, who wore a tuxedo. Schellinger honored the couple’s late schnauzer, Max, by wearing his ashes in a necklace.

“We have dogs for kids,” the groom joked.