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Whiskey Myers Looks Back on Playing Soldier Field in Chicago With The Rolling Stones

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

In 2019, Whiskey Myers got the opportunity of a lifetime in the music world: opening for the Rolling Stones. They played Soldier Field in Chicago in June 2019, and this year they got to revisit the venue before performing a show of their own. Currently, they just started their Tornillo Tour. The band posted a series of photos on their Instagram page commemorating their show with the legendary Stones.

“3 years ago we were in Chicago opening for The Rolling Stones,” the band wrote on Instagram. “Last night we got a chance to revisit Soldier Field with our friends at [Miller Lite] and then rock the Riviera Theatre. Thanks for always being good to us Chicago.”

Whiskey Myers Remembers Opening for Rolling Stones

Whiskey Myers remembers opening for the Rolling Stones fondly. The band spoke to Rolling Stone Magazine in 2019 about the performance; “It was the most hectic, but coolest day in the world. You’re opening up for one of your idols,” said guitarist John Jeffers. “It was a bucket list gig.”

At the time, Whiskey Myers had to reschedule some of their own tour dates to Montana in order to join the Rolling Stones on June 25. But, it’s opening for the Rolling Stones, so you do whatever you can to accommodate the once-in-a-lifetime show. The performance at Soldier Field came on the heels of Whiskey Myers’ European tour, as well.

“I’m still pinching myself after this past month in Europe,” lead singer Cody Cannon said in 2019. “We started 12 years ago as best friends playing music in our hometown and never dreamed of anything like this. Now we get to go to these countries where the people might speak a different language, but everyone is still united by our music to the point where sold-out venues are singing every word back to us—that’s magic.”

New Single from Upcoming ‘Tornillo’ Album: ‘Antioch’ is All About Vengeance

In late March, Whiskey Myers dropped a new single titled “Antioch” from their upcoming album “Tornillo.” Hands down, this song delivers right out of the gate. There are horns, gospel-style backing vocals, and Cody Cannon’s signature sound.

The song also showcases Cannon’s exceptional songwriting skills. This song is all about vengeance, growing up fast, and a biblical sort of reckoning. The main character in the song is a boy who grows up to get vengeance on his father who abuses his mother. The lyrics are powerful, backed by rock and roll style guitar, and they tell the story of the boy growing up, joining the Army, and going to war, all with his father still on his mind.

The final verse leads us to believe the young man came home and dealt with his father; he’s in prison now, which makes me believe he either killed his father or beat him so badly as to cause serious damage. But, the earlier lines “I’m getting stronger, I’m getting mean / I’m learning about killing, I’m learning about me” make me lean more towards the former. Either way, the song is a prime example of Whiskey Myers’ talent, and we can’t wait to hear the entire “Tornillo” album when it comes out on July 29.