Whiskey Myers Makes Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Lineup

by Clayton Edwards

It’s a good year for the fellas in Whiskey Myers. More specifically, it looks like this fall is shaping up to be Whiskey season. The Texas-based southern rock band made their Ryman Auditorium debut back in September. However, taking the hallowed stage at the Mother Church was just the beginning. Earlier this month, the band’s drummer Jeff Hogg tied the knot in their home state. Then, we learned that the band is at the forefront of resurrecting Texas bourbon. That’s a whole lot for just a couple of months. They’re far from done, though.

Yesterday, Whiskey Myers shared an awesome photo with their Twitter followers. It shows the band in front of an all-white backdrop with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Now, that’s one hell of a squad photo. Luckily, the fellas didn’t get in uniform with the cheerleaders. That would have been a step too far for the “Ballad of a Southern Man” band. They do, however, look like they’re pretty happy to be there. Check it out below.

I could be wrong, but I think supporting the Dallas Cowboys is something Texas residents are bound by law to do. It looks like the boys from Whiskey Myers are going all-in on their support. If the snap with the whole cheerleading squad didn’t hammer the point home, their caption will. They kept it short and simple. It says, “Let’s go Cowboys!”

For the first time in over 20 years, it’s good to be a Dallas Cowboys fan. They’re currently mopping up in the NFC with a season record of 5-1. However, Whiskey Myers is a Texas band through and through. So, you can bet they’ve been supporting the Cowboys through their long line of losing seasons.

Whiskey Myers Supporting the Squad

If you’re not from the tristate area around Texas, you may not understand how cool it is for Whiskey Myers to be there among the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team. Even when the Cowboys are eating the dust of every other team in the league, folks support the cheerleaders.

They always manage to get some of the most talented and gorgeous cheerleaders on their squad. They’re almost like mythical beings, really. It’s no wonder the Whiskey Myers boys look like they’re sitting on cloud nine in the above photo.

 Growing up in that region, I heard much more about the cheerleading squad than I did about the team. More specifically, I heard more positive things about them. After their first losing season, there was no shortage of Cowboys slander. If Troy Aikman jokes were currency I could’ve retired before high school.

This might be the year to keep our eyes on Texas in general. Whiskey Myers could be headed to the top and the Cowboys might just make their first Super Bowl in a long time.