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Whiskey Myers to Release New Album and Hit the Road for New Tour in 2022

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Keith Griner/Getty Images)

For over 10 years now, Whiskey Myers has been attempting to bring country, Southern rock to the masses and they are just getting started. The band is set to release a new album next year. Oh, and of course, they’re going to hit the road as well.

Their 2019 album was a huge moment for the band. While they had built up popularity and a fanbase all their own, their self-titled album propelled them into the spotlight. It was an album that Rolling Stone and other publications praised when it came out. The band headed back to Sonic Ranch studio in Texas to record their new material. With heavy riffs, southern lyrics, and self-production, the record has that same winning formula as the last.

The band holed up in the studio for 21 days to get this record put together. Getting away from the distractions and commotion of normal life, the time on the ranch is valuable to the production of the record. While they have this new music in their back pocket, the band is also planning on making their new tour the best ever.

Dubbed the Whiskey Myers Is a Comin’ Tour, it gets started in February of next year. That is going to be a wild time. The band is known for putting on great shows. With a slate of new music ready to go, the tour should thrive off of the energy and excitement of fans. While the group hasn’t toured for a while, they belong on the road. That is where they thrive.

While the return to touring is exciting enough, there is something else up Whiskey Myers’ sleeves. They are bringing back their music festival. The Firewater Music Festival is scheduled for the end of next September and into the beginning of October.

Whiskey Myers 21 Date Tour

The Whiskey Myers Is a Comin’ Tour is set to bring the band to 21 dates across the country. To start things off, the band is going to begin up near New York and New Jersey. From there, the band will head to the midwest for shows in Michigan and Pennsylvania among others.

After they get those dates out of the way, the band is heading to the south. They have multiple shows in Texas and Kentucky. The south is where they feel the most at home and the band should be selling out more than a few shows during their tour.

As Whiskey Myers plans out their year, 2022 is looking like a good comeback year for the and. New music, a new tour, continuing their music festival, it is all going to culminate in a fun time. Fans are eager to see the band live again and that should make for a great tour.