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Whiskey Myers Sets the Record Straight About ‘Stone’ Lyrics

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Keith Griner/Getty Images)

“Stone” is one of Whiskey Myers’ biggest songs. The slowed-down country-rock ballad will hit you right in the heart. More importantly, it’s an anthem among the band’s fans. You’ll know someone is a WM fan if that song comes on and they have to fight the urge to sing along with their whole soul. However, they’ve been singing it wrong the whole time.

To be fair, Cody Cannon sang it wrong when laid down the vocals for 2016’s Mud. So, you can’t really blame Whiskey Myers fans for this one. Recently, the band shared a video of them doing “Stone” live at the Lava Cantina in Texas. Before getting into the song, Cody informed the fans that he recorded the wrong lyrics but planned to “set the record straight” with that night’s performance.

Cannon told the gathering of Whiskey Myers fans, “So, like, I’ve had a history throughout my career of being notoriously bad about singing the wrong damn lyrics in the studio.” He said he’d write the song, go to the studio, and record it. Then, when listening to the final mix he’ll realize “Sh*t man, I sang that song wrong.” At that point, though, there’s nothing he can do about it. “It’s set in time forever.”

Cannon went on to say that he’s done it on several songs throughout the years. Who knows how many Whiskey Myers songs are technically wrong? Cody said that the fans would never notice. However, he notices every time and it bothers him. With that in mind, he decided he wanted to give the audience at The Lava Cantina the correct version of “Stone.”

Whiskey Myers Sets the Record Straight

You can hear the change in the opening line of the song. In the album version, the song starts with “The night is my companion.” However, the real lyrics change one important word. “The night is my prescription.” The rest of the lyrics are the same as the album cut.

It’s a pretty small difference. However, it does put a different slant on his connection to the night in the song.

You can hear how much the “real” lyrics of “Stone” confused the crowd. An army of fans screams “companion” under Cannon singing “prescription.” Then, you can hear them cheer for the change. Additionally, a few fans laugh, probably about being caught so off-guard by the new lyrics.

Whiskey Myers performs the rest of the song with the lyrics we all know and love. Then, just before they end it, Cody circles back around to the first couple of lines. “The night is my prescription / And the highway is my home.” That time, everyone in the crowd sang along with the new lyrics like nothing ever changed.