Why Sturgill Simpson Is ‘Definitely Done’ with His Solo Music Career

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jeff Hahne/Getty Images)

As one of country music’s most diverse artists, Sturgill Simpson has definitely had a unique career within the industry. Previously, he’s snagged the hearts of Outsiders with beloved hits such as “Long White Line.” That’s in addition to dipping his toe in other genres on albums such as High Top Mountain. However, now, after a decade spent growing in the realm of country music, Simpson has officially stated he’s “definitely done” with his solo music career.

His decision comes at a strange time. From its inception, the coronavirus pandemic has completely derailed the traditional track of touring and making music. And after a major vocal chord injury in September, the star has had time to step back and think about what his next endeavors will be.

For now, however, Sturgill Simpson (43) said he’s “definitely done” in reference to his solo career. Instead, he’s putting efforts into “just starting” on his job as a dad.

We might imagine that being one of country music’s beloved stars has major perks. However, for the dad of three, his solo career has surely put a wrench in classic family time. He did share that he plans on continuing work with new projects. However, we don’t have much insight into what those might be at the moment.

Nevertheless, Simpson intends to spend more time at home in rural Tennessee with his wife and family. Together, they will enjoy family movie nights, bonfires, and stargazing.

Overall, the country artist shared with USA Today, “I feel like the last 10 years have been amazing but my bucket list is pretty checked off…I feel like I wanna go do some living and some other challenges.”

Sturgill Simpson Hopes to Tell Stories in New Ways

Songwriting is definitely one of the most effective ways to tell stories, true or not. However, after years of experimentation, Sturgill Simpson instead plans to search for new ways to tell interesting and relatable stories.

As for music, the news outlet reported Simpson doesn’t plan to return to the studio any time soon. That is unless he can find a “really great idea for a record” or an artist he admires calls him into action.

Of this particular decision, the country artist said, “I’m just at a point where I don’t want to do it unless I got something to say and I’m really excited about it.”

Which makes sense. After all, why say anything if it doesn’t excite you?

Fortunately, however, Sturgill Simpson does not seem to intend on leaving music behind. (How heartbreaking would that be?)

He did say that if the opportunity arose where he could start a new band, he likely wouldn’t turn down the opportunity. Simpson even told USA Today that that even sounds fun, just like being a musician should be.

Nevertheless, when it comes to Simpson’s solo career? “I’m done with all that,” he told the outlet. “I’ll put it this way, if I go back into the studio it’ll be because I thought of the complete and total reinvention that gets me excited. But it won’t be my name.”