Why Trace Adkins Says He Has Become a ‘Lazy Songwriter’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Trace Adkins has been writing and playing country music for years. He has worked with so many people in the industry over the years. So, now with a new album out and so much history to look back on, Adkins has a new attitude and refined outlook on things. Once you find yourself in “a really good place to be,” there isn’t much else to do.

With his 12th studio album coming out this year, The Way I Wanna Go is not just a reflection on the past, but a look towards the future. This album is full of great, Trace Adkins sounds and fans will be happy with the 25 tracks included. Since 1996, Adkins has been pumping out singles and making his way as one of the best in country music. While he isn’t as prolific as other artists, he is just fine with where he is at.

When it comes to songwriting, Adkins is honest with his assessment of himself when speaking with People.

“I’ve become such a lazy songwriter. The way I write now is I’ll hear something that I think would be a great song and then I’ll go through my Rolodex of incredible songwriters.”

One would think that Adkins has access to any songwriter in Nashville…or anywhere else for that matter. That has been part of the reason why the country music artist calls himself lazy. He just has so many resources. Country music has a rich history of sharing credits and collaborating.

“I’ll call someone and tell them the hook and maybe a melody I have in my head and in a couple of weeks, I’ll have the song back. It’s a really good place to be.” Sure sounds like it.

Trace Adkins, Pitbull, and…Snoop Dogg?

There are two very interesting features on this latest album. The Way I Wanna Go has a song featuring Pitbull. It isn’t that unusual. The pop artist from Miami has performed alongside many artists from country music to just about any other genre you can think of. After all, he IS Mr. Worldwide. So, it makes a bit of sense.

Later in the album, Snoop Dogg is featured on So Do the Neighbors. Those that know about the Long Beach native know he has worked with country artists in the past. However, Trace Adkins and Snoop is an interesting combination. Y’all already know what Snoop Dogg rapped in the song, but I’ll share anyway.

Never say never because you never know/See me, I was taught to love/So when push come to shove I’ma do what I does/You offered me a beer so I’m offering bud.

It’s a fun song and a fun album overall. There are a number of great songs that fans will love as it really is that classic Trace Adkins sound all over. His low voice is just so great over the upbeat country tunes and in the slow ballads. Check it out yourself!