William Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys Recalls Memories of the Eagles’ ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

With the new release of William Lee Golden and The Golden’s new album, Peaceful Easy Feeling by the Eagles gets new life. While it is a classic song that has been a lasting legacy for the original band, Golden and his band of sons have put something special together. An ode and tribute to the music that their family holds near and dear to their hearts.

The triple album release of Golden Classics is a very fun and interesting project. It seems that the Oak Ridge Boys legend wanted to get some tracks down with his family. And, that’s exactly what he did. With so many influences and styles on the album, it is a fun journey down memory lane. Thinking about the original versions of the songs, other famous covers, and then these new versions. The Goldens have really put out a piece of country music art.

When it comes to that Eagles classic, William Lee Golden has high praise for Peaceful Easy Feeling.

“One song that has stood the test of time is ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ by the Eagles,” Golden told Fox News earlier this week.

“I remember when it first came out [in 1972] and knew it was going to be a monster hit. We have always enjoyed this song in my family and wanted to share our version with the world.”

There isn’t anything like family harmony. Those that are in the know, will know the term “blood harmony”. Over the years, there have been some family groups that have displayed this better than others. However, the Goldens have absolutely put it on display. They have a full range of tone and sound vocally. From high tenors to a booming bass in the backup vocals.

William Lee Golden Celebrates the Past with ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ and More

During the height of the pandemic is when these songs were recorded and worked on. It makes sense. The family found a creative outlet at a difficult time for society as a whole. With the project, they have celebrated the past, their family, and music.

“Early on in 2020, with the pandemic and everything else going on, we saw that there was so much negativity, hate and violence in the new. And I had to shut that off and get out of the house and get under a tree out here [in the Tennessee countryside] – and allow my mind to assess where I was coming from, where we were at and where we wanted to go.”

That’s a tall task to ask of yourself. However, with family all around him, Golden did it. These tracks are well worth listening to. There’s something for everybody and you are sure to find a song that you have enjoyed in the past. You are most surely going to like the Goldens version as well.