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Willie Nelson Celebrated With Career-Spanning Vinyl Box Set

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Willie Nelson fans, rejoice! A new vinyl box set that celebrates the country music icon’s 60 years in the music industry will be heading to store shelves soon.

According to Rolling Stone, Vinyl Me, Please’s VMP Anthology: The Story of Willie Nelson box set will span from the singer and songwriter’s 1965 Country Willie (His Own Songs) to other masterpieces. This includes 1971 Yesterday’s Wine; 1975’s Red Headed Stranger; 1978’s Stardust; and 1982’s Always on My Mind. 

Willie Nelson’s later-career records are also going to be part of the vinyl set as well. These are 1993’s Across the Borderline and 2012’s Heroes. The limited-edition vinyl set has nine LPs total. Rolling Stone further reveals that the collection is going to be in a commemorative box that is complete with a book full of liner notes, photos, and lyrics. 

Willie Nelson’s vinyl box set also has a podcast, called A Good-Hearted Podcast. Each of the episodes is dedicated to each of the albums in the box set. The set is currently available for pre-ordering.

Willie Nelson Admits He Always Thought He Was Lucky to Make it Past the Age of 21 

While speaking to Slate in 2020, Willie Nelson opened up about how he has managed to survive throughout the years. “Well, when I was young, I was pretty dumb. And now that I’m older, I’m pretty f—ing dumb. I don’t know everything, and I think I do. So there’s the problem. I didn’t ever think I’d get this old. I always thought I was lucky to make it past 21.”

When asked if he still does martial arts, Willie Nelson declared he still does it as much as he ever did. “One thing it gives you is a little confidence. That you don’t have to worry a lot because you’re capable of handling any situation that comes up. Having no fear is a pretty good thing. I still try to do a little workout every day just to pay for the day.”

Also speaking about his support for legalizing marijuana, Willie Nelson stated, “It is good medicine and I’m glad that it’s being accepted around the country. And I’ll be glad when every state in the union legalizes it. Because I think it will be healthy for everybody.”

In regards to what he would say to his younger self, Willie Nelson goes on to admit he doesn’t know that anything he would say now is anything he would have listened to back then. “I was still too stubborn to listen to anything or anybody. And I’ve had a lot of bruises because of it. And I’ve lived through it. But I don’t know that if I went back I’d change anything.”