Willie Nelson Drops New Single ‘Energy Follows Thought’

by Lauren Boisvert

Willie Nelson dropped a new single today, titled “Energy Follows Thought,” and it’s a lyrical reminder to be kind to ourselves and others, to really consider what we’re thinking about, and to speak with intention.

“Imagine what you want / then get out of the way / remember energy follows thought / so be careful what you say.” Those lines are a powerful reminder that words have deeper meaning, and they can be hurtful. Be careful of your negative thoughts, keep them corralled, and treat them with kindness like you would a scared horse.

Willie Nelson has always been a lyrical genius, and “Energy Follows Thought” is no exception. It’s almost gentle, like you fell asleep in a chair reading a book and Willie Nelson showed up and woke you up by slowly stroking your hair and singing quietly to you. That’s the vibe I get from this song; Willie Nelson in the role of loving grandpa, imparting wisdom.

Musically, “Energy Follows Thought” is calming; mellow guitar in a beautiful western melody, with a tranquil hint of harmonica at the end. If you told me this song was on the “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” soundtrack, I would immediately believe you. Even though that movie came out in 2002.

That’s the type of energy this song has, and it does have an energy. Freedom, but caution. Mindfulness, and deliberate thoughts. You get back what you put into this world, so make sure you’re putting out good things. “Energy Follows Thought” is special, because it’s what we need right now. A song to rock us to sleep, and let us dream, but to also hold us accountable for our thoughts. There’s power in thought; it just depends what kind of power you want to give it.

Willie Nelson’s Sister, Bobbie Nelson, Dies at 91

This mindful, powerful song comes on the back of tragedy in Willie Nelson’s life, and in the country music community. Nelson’s older sister, Bobbie, died on March 10 at age 91. Bobbie was born on January 1, 1931, in Abbott, Texas. She was a founding member of Willie Nelson’s Family Band, along with her husband, Bud Fletcher. She played the piano in the band but gave up performing when Fletcher died in a car accident.

Eventually, in 1972, she returned to performing with her brother and lent her beautiful piano playing to his music. She was a prominent figure in Nelson’s recent release, a gospel album titled “The Willie Nelson Family.” Alongside his sister, Nelson’s four children were also featured on the album.

A statement from the Nelson family in the wake of Bobbie’s death reads, “Her elegance, grace, beauty, and talent made this world a better place. She was the first member of Willie’s band, as his pianist and singer. Our hearts are broken and she will be deeply missed. But we are so lucky to have had her in our lives. Please keep her family in your thoughts and give them the privacy they need at this time.”