Willie Nelson Family Releases ‘I Saw the Light’ Cover of Hank Williams’ Classic

by Jonathan Howard

Man, there are few things cooler than a great family singing group. The Willie Nelson Family takes that to a new level, though. The country music legend and his family have been singing tunes together for many years.

It has been slow over the course of many weeks, but new songs keep coming out from the talented family. Their most recent cover is a take on a Hank Williams classic. I Saw the Light is a song that every student of the genre should know. While there have been many covers of the song in the decades since its original release, this is a great rendition. It sounds like the whole family is in on this one.

As Willie Nelson usually does, he takes the song and softens it a bit. His voice is quiet and calm throughout with the chugging beat of the guitar in the background. Give it a listen and see what you think.

This version is shorter than most, just under two minutes. However, the song is represented so well. Of course, an artist like Nelson and his family are going to get it right. If anyone is going to honor a country music classic like this, it’s this group of talented folks. The harmonica takes place of the fiddle that is usually played, but the chugging, almost galloping sounds of the guitar keep that rhythm going the whole time.

With sons, Lukas and Micah, daughters Paula and Lana, and his wife Annie D’Angelo, the group harmonizes so well. There is a ton of vocal talent and range, but the family dampens some of that brazen power back to put out peaceful family tunes. Of course, dad, Willie Nelson is the most predominantly featured, but when you’re Shotgun Willie you get to do that.

Willie Nelson Family Having a Big Year

This year is a big one for Willie Nelson and his family. Not only have they put out a bunch of great music this year, but the return to touring has been a big plus. Lukas has his own band that he travels with and of course, Willie is out doing his own thing. The two acts find time to meet up once in a while on tour and perform together, though.

Before this release of I Saw The Light, the family put out a George Harrison cover. All Things Must Pass was yet another great song by the group. Lukas shines in the song and Willie is mostly on backup vocals with the rest of the family.

Willie Nelson and company are doing fun music. These songs are a gift to fans who have been looking for more Willie in their playlists. Let’s appreciate it, sit back, and enjoy.