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Willie Nelson Reveals the First and Last Times He Met with Frank Sinatra

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage)

Country music icon Willie Nelson is releasing a new tribute album to Frank Sinatra next week, and recently talked about the pair’s first and last meeting.

During a lengthy Q&A session with Parade, Nelson spoke out about his second tribute album to Sinatra titled That’s Life. The new album, which comes out on Friday, will be his second in honor of the crooner following 2018’s Grammy-winning My Way.

Nelson has said on numerous occasions that Sinatra is his favorite singer of all-time. The pair collaborated on music on a couple of occasions and even worked on a television commercial together. During Nelson’s conversation with Parade, they asked him about his experiences around “Ol’ Blue Eyes.”

“He and I did a commercial together for something, and then I did a couple of songs with him on one of his albums, My Way. I did that [song] with him and “A Foggy Day in London Town.” I think we did a video on that one. So we’ve been doing things together for a long time,” Nelson said to Parade about working with Sinatra.

In addition, the country legend talked about the last time he saw Sinatra before he passed away in 1998. The duo saw each other in Las Vegas, Nevada and Sinatra invited him back to his house. Unfortunately, Nelson didn’t have time since he had to hit the road. He calls the missed opportunity one of his biggest regrets.

“The last time I saw him was in Vegas. He invited me back to his house after the show. One of my main regrets is that I really didn’t have time to go,” Willie Nelson explained. “I had a bus to get on that was going to L.A. or something, but I loved Sinatra. I loved everything he did.”

Willie Nelson Shares the Key To a ‘Good Life’

During the same interview with Parade, Willie Nelson shared his secrets to a “good life.”

According to the “Red Headed Stranger,” a great life starts with a positive attitude. Additionally, Nelson likes to wake up and go for a short jog before working out. He also said singing is a solid workout for his lungs.

“Think positive. I wrote a song called ‘Pay for the Day.’ You’ve got to do something to pay for the day. I get up, I jog a little bit, I do little workouts. And singing is good too, for my lungs,” he said.

The country musician says he misses playing live shows and touring because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nelson said that singing for two hours is the perfect exercise for his lungs, which benefits more than just that one organ.

“That’s another thing that my entire body misses [during the COVID-19 pandemic]. The fact that I can’t go out and sing for two hours, because that’s the best exercise a guy can do, because his lungs are the biggest organs in his body when he’s using them. It’s kind of helping everything,” Willie Nelson added.