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Willie Nelson’s New Album Features His Sister and 4 of His Kids

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for NARAS)

As one of country music’s staple icons, we are excited to share that Willie Nelson just released a new album. The brand new album debuts as a full-on family affair. Featuring not only his sister, with whom he’s played before, but also the new album features the star’s four children.

The gospel-heavy album dropped on Friday, boasting the sensible title, The Willie Nelson Family.

According to Fox News, Nelson has long worked alongside his sister, Bobbie, who typically plays the keys in his family-backed band. Additionally, the outlet shared the icon’s son, Lukas and Micah, feature prominently on the album. His daughters Paula and Amy join Nelson occasionally as well.

As to the new album, Willie Nelson features prominently on the album’s cover. Alongside the artist stands his sister Bobbie and the country star’s four children. Citing the Austin American-Statesman, Fox states The Willie Nelson Family marks the first time that the 88-year-old star has enlisted the “full crew” for such a large studio project.

Fans can expect a variety of both original pieces and covers in listening to the new album. Alongside Nelson’s tracks, “Kneel At The Feet of Jesus” and “Family Bible,” we can also expect to see covers of Hank Williams’ “I Saw The Light” and C. Austin Miles’ “In the Garden.”

In releasing the new album, Willie Nelson worked alongside co-producer Steve Chadie. Overall, The Willie Nelson Family marks a significant milestone in the icon’s career. However, the collection of songs numbers a relatively short 30 minutes in total.

Willie Nelson Would Part with His Iconic Braids Before His Guitar

As a country music veteran and pop culture icon, Willie Nelson is known as a man of simple values and long tradition. Fans can hardly imagine the star without his iconic pair of long, classic braids. However, if it came down to choosing his braids or his guitar, Nelson would lose the braids in a heartbeat.

Plenty of Outsiders shy away from the thought of even trimming their hair. However, Willie Nelson’s guitar, lovingly named “Trigger” after Roy Rogers’ horse, has remained a companion of the artist’s for decades.

Of the guitar, Nelson shared, “Trigger’s like me. Old and beat up.”

For those unfamiliar with the inner workings of a classic guitar, there’s a reason why generations of country stars have venerated the musical instruments.

Mark Erlewine is the man responsible for tuning Willie Nelson’s Trigger each year. Previously, he revealed the central reason why the star would rather part with his braids than his guitar.

“A guitar sounds better as it gets older,” Erlewine explained. “The wood ages and the tone gets more lively.”

While brand new guitars have to be worked to find the essence of their true tone, Nelson’s tuner said, “Willie plays so much, it brought out the tone of the guitar.”

Willie Nelson first acquired Trigger back in 1969.