Willie Nelson’s Sons Join Him for Acoustic Rendition of ‘Move It on Over’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images)

If you’re a fan of Willie Nelson, you probably know that he has some talented kids. Back in November, Willie released an album that featured four of his children as well as his sister. However, Willie and his sons Lukas and Micah have been making music together for years.

Back in 2017, Willie Nelson and his sons released Willie and the Boys: Willie’s Stash Volume 2. Like the title suggests, the album features the Red-Headed Stanger and his sons. The 12-song collection features several Hank Williams covers including classics like “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” and “Move It On Over.”

On the album, you’ll find studio recordings of all the songs. It’s Willie Nelson, his sons, and a full band. However, around the time that album came out, Willie put several videos of him and his sons having acoustic jam sessions. Those videos gave fans a look at how the trio of musicians comes together. Additionally, it gave us a killer acoustic rendition of Hank’s bluesy rockabilly classic “Move It On Over.”

Willie Nelson and the Boys Rock “Move It On Over”

Before they get into the song, we hear a story that lets us know just how long Willie Nelson and his sons have been playing together. Lucas says that they grew up in their dad’s band. Then, Micah tells a hilarious story about a running on-stage joke that he and his father had. After they have a few laughs, Willie wraps his fingers around Trigger’s neck and leads them into “Move It On Over.”

Willie kicks things off with a bouncing blues-flavored bassline lick. Lucas and Micah fall in behind him. As the boys join the song, it becomes obvious how comfortable playing together is for the trio.

If you listen to the album version of “Move It On Over,” you’ll hear a full-band rockabilly cut of the song. It’s similar to the original. Additionally, one of Willie’s sons takes the vocals on the album cut. However, in this video, Willie Nelson sings. His laid-back style of singing combined with the toe-tapping beat of the song makes for an interesting sonic combination.

One of the coolest moments in the video comes when Willie Nelson asks, “You want to play one, Luke?” Then, Lucas takes off on a solo. It’s not that he’s a flashy virtuoso player or anything. The cool thing is that you can hear his father’s influence in his playing. That influence is not surprising, Lucas probably learned to play from his dad. But, seeing it in action will put a smile on your face.

If the video gets you interested, go check out Willie and the Boys to hear more of the Outlaw Country icon team up with his boys.