Wolfgang Van Halen Posts Pics of Jam Session With Eddie in Touching Throwback

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Wolfgang Van Halen, son of Eddie Van Halen, shared a sweet throwback post today of a studio jam session with his late father.

Wolfgang, who is a musician like his father, took to Twitter to share a message and some photos.

“On December 28th 2014, I was getting ready to start tracking what would become the first Mammoth album. I had been practicing drums in the studio when Pop came in, grabbed my bass and starting jamming with me. It was so much fun. It’s little moments like these I feel I took for granted. Moments that I can’t have anymore,” he wrote. “As I’m getting ready to start tracking the 2nd Mammoth album tomorrow (I’ve been in pre-production the past month) I can’t stop thinking about this moment and how he won’t be around for it this time. I’m still not used to it. I don’t know when or if I’ll ever get used to it.”

“It’ll be 2 years in 3 days and I don’t feel any different. All of these emotions just kinda sitting in me at all times. Sometimes it’s easier to carry, other times (like right now) it isn’t,” he continued. “His pride is what keeps me going, but without him here it’s easy to get lost. Easy to get stuck in my head. Easy to fall into that familiar cycle of doubt and self-loathing.”

Wolfgang concluded by saying that music is what is left to help him feel close to his father. He shared again that he misses his father.

The photos featured photos of Eddie playing guitar, taken by Wolfgang from behind his drum set. Many people shared their love for the singers in the replies of the tweet. Some even related to Wolfgang’s grief.

Wolfgang Van Halen Shares Sweet Message with Taylor Hawkins’ Son

The Foo Fighters put on a tribute concert for their late drummer, Taylor Hawkins. Many stars performed at the show at Wembley Stadium in London. Shane Hawkins, Taylor’s son, also performed. Wolfgang shared a heartfelt message to Shane on his Twitter.

He posted a photo of himself and Shane sharing a hug. He wrote: “What an amazing young man Shane Hawkins is. We unfortunately have too much in common. I wish I had his strength. Watching him obliterate My Hero just like his father at Wembley Stadium is something I will never forget. Kid’s got a bright future. I’m proud of you, Shane.”

Many responded to his tweet, sharing their love for both Shane and Wolfgang. One fan replied: “A blessing these young folks were born when they were. Who knew we’d have them to carry on the family legacy!!”

Another wrote: “Omg, this made my day..I needed to see the 2 of you interact!! And Shane had his dad’s Van Halen shorts on, so awesome. Two drummers hugging it out.”