Wynonna Judd Meets Long-Lost Brother For the First Time

by Matthew Wilson

Wynonna Judd met her long-lost half brother for the first time. The country singer discussed talking with him on the phone with Sirius XM’s Radio Andy show.

“I met my brother yesterday. I have a brother I never met. And I called him. He lives in Kentucky, and his name is Michael. I called him on his birthday, and I said, ‘Hi,'” Judd said of the experience. She continued, saying, “I sing about my experiences. I met my brother yesterday. He’s 53. I’m 56 years old, and my father died before I ever met him. That’s part of my testimony.”

Wynonna Judd Found Out About Her Biological Brother in 1993

Judd had been born Christina Claire Ciminella. For a large portion of her life, she thought her father was Michael Ciminella. But in 1993, she learned her actual father was Charles Jordan, who left when her mother was pregnant. Jordan died in 2000 before the singer could meet him. Judd is also half-sisters with actress Ashley Judd.

“I found out about all of this … when I was pregnant with Elijah [Judd, my son, who was born in 1994],” Judd said. “I was 30 years old and I found out, you know, part of my life that I thought, you know, this man who was my biological father is not. And it’s Ashley’s father …”

The country singer decided to record the encounter with her brother. She said she kept the recording because she plans to incorporate it into one of her future songs.

“I have it on tape, I saved tape because that’s where I come from,” Judd said. “I have the recording of me saying, ‘Hi this is your sister.’ And I’ve never said that before. I’m going to put it in the middle of a song somewhere. That’s just the way I work. I apply real life to my stuff.”

The country singer also discussed how country singers and musicians in general sing about person experiences.

“I want to breathe life into the fans,” she said. “I want to breathe life into people by singing from my toenails, the aching part of life, and the joy part of life. It’s intertwined.”