Young Riley Green Fan Joins Him on Stage for ‘Different ‘Round Here’

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

A young fan joined country star Riley Green on stage for his hit “Different ‘Round Here.” Her second time might have even topped the first.

Pretty soon, the concert posters will say it’s the Alivia and Riley Green show. I am just kidding. Bands and singers used to let the concertgoers take over the song and belt out (or shout) the lyrics. Not anymore, folks. Green loves it when the kids know and want to perform his songs.

You got to admit it’s pretty cool to see a young kid shine. And with Green’s great music, it’s a win-win.  

Alivia’s First Time Singing With Riley Green

Riley Green played a June concert at Choctaw Grand Theater in Durant, Okla.

Emily Masker brought her niece to the show, and they sat close to the stage. Little did they know that the young girl was about to get in on the act.

Green pulled the young girl up on stage to sing his song. Forget stage fright. Alivia came up and knew every bit of that song, singing her little heart out for thousands of fans.

Green Lets Alivia Show Her Talent Again

Then, Alivia got to perform again, traveling to Billy Bob’s Texas with her aunt, Emily Masker. The girl didn’t know she would sing for the crowd again as she posed for a photo with Green. Green reportedly told her he’d see her again.

The former Jacksonville State quarterback introduced Alivia to the Texas crowd. He talked about the June show, saying he was singing his song when he saw the young girl in the front row “singin’ every word to everything.”

Green then asked her, “do you want to come up?” 

“And she just jumped up on the stage and took the guitar, took the mic, and stole the show,” Green said. “And she told me she was coming tonight.”

Then, Green pulled her out of the crowd for another fabulous, show-stealing moment. 

He joked, “you know how it starts, right?”

And then they got into their little duet.

Alivia Praised For Riley Green Song Performance

One Instagram fan commented on Masker’s post, saying, “Absolutely fantastic Alivia well done again, girl… love your hat.”

Even Billy Bob’s Twitter account loved the performance, saying they had a “feeling she’ll be headlining her own Billy Bob’s Texas show someday.”

Masker took to Instagram again to show off her niece’s killer talent. It made for an adorable moment.

“Alivia did it again!! Thank you @rileyduckman for an incredible night yet again,” Masker said. “From the meet and greets to asking her to sing with you again! You have fans for life!”

Masker thanked Riley’s people for the crowd performance and said there would probably be more in store from the future superstar. 

Alivia’s now a Green fan for life after those two extraordinary concert moments.