Zac Brown Band Thanks ‘Everyone Out There Keeping the Music Alive’ During Record Streaming Year

by Quentin Blount

The Zac Brown Band recently took to social media to express thanks to all of the fans out there that are “keeping music alive” amidst a pandemic year.

The Zac Brown Band recently received their total figures from Spotify for the year. According to the country music group, they had the most Spotify listeners they’ve ever had despite playing the least amount of shows in a year.

“Played the least amount of shows this year but had the most @spotify listeners we’ve ever had,” the Zac Brown Band wrote on Twitter. “Grateful for everyone out there keeping the music alive! Can’t wait to get back out there #2020artistwrapped

In total, the Zach Brown Band saw 21.9 million listeners from 92 different countries play their music. They saw a total of 404.4 million streams on the Spotify app. Listeners tuned in for 23.4 million hours of play time.

Zac Brown Band Thanksgiving ‘Turkey Fried’

Last Thanksgiving, the Zac Brown Band debuted a parody of their hit song “Chicken Fried,” for timely version around the holidays.

“You know I like my turkey fried. Thanksgiving football night, a pair of teens who came to fight. And turn it up.”

The band shared a video clip of the song in a post on Instagram post last week. They also wrote about their love for their fans.

“Who remembers this one from last year? May you all have a “Turkey Fried” #Thanksgiving with the ones you love! We’re thankful for all of you. #GivingThanks,” the band wrote on Instagram.

Back on November 5, the group posted a part of the hit song while also honoring a veteran.

“I thank God for my life. And for the stars and stripes. May freedom forever fly,” the post reads. “Let it ring. Salute the ones who died. The ones that give their lives, so we don’t have to sacrifice. All the things we love. Like our chicken fried.”

In the music video, it shows a young wounded vet waiting in line for breakfast. It also shows a community doing what they can to show their gratitude for his service. Zac Brown Band posted a comment on the Foundation for a Better Life, a nonprofit organization that promotes good values. 

“Thank you to the Foundation for a Better Life for inspiring others to do good by passing on the core values we live by. We’re honored to play a small part in their new PSA showing appreciation for every #MyWarrior who has served and sacrificed to protect the freedoms we enjoy! #chickenfried #passiton.”