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Zac Brown Challenges Jason Aldean to Slap Fight for Charity

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Now, this sounds like some good ole country fun, a charity slap fight between Zac Brown and Jason Aldean. Let’s book it now! That’s what Brown wants to do apparently. He recently talked about the new idea. The country artist is making the rounds following his new album release.

While nothing has been checked officially with Aldean, it is funny to think about. Brown talked about the idea on Audacy’s Rob + Holly show.

“I want to do slap fights! You just stand there and slap each other. I want to challenge Jason Aldean to a slap fight, and we’ll do it all for charity,” Zac Brown explained. It sounds a little personal, but don’t worry. There is no beef between the two singers.

“He’s just a Southern boy, I think he might be game to do it. I think he could [take a slap] … I’ve been to his house before, I’ve hung out over there one time a long time ago, but I was just thinkin’… I thought it would be pretty fun for people to watch us both get slapped.”

Who among us hasn’t been to a party in the backwoods and a couple buddies were slapping or fighting each other for fun? Zac Brown is a former fraternity man, and this sounds like a fundraiser idea from homecoming weekend…but I still want to see it happen! This is just The Comeback artist’s way of getting creative and trying to help others while doing it.

Apparently, he has plans to expand on his hobbies and projects. That doesn’t mean he is leaving country music whatsoever. The album has a proper title as the Chicken Fried singer and his band have made quite a comeback with the 15 new tracks.

Zac Brown Band Makes Comeback in Big Way

With this album, it is a return to the classic sound like fans heard on The Foundation. While the band has made some different sounds and songs, it hasn’t caught on. However, they are proving they still have that ability to turn back the clock and put out those classic tracks.

There is a bit of everything here. On Same Boat there is a big acoustic/unplugged type sound. It isn’t a copy, but is in the same vein as Chicken Fried. Some southern rock sound is mixed in along with those island tunes. Don’t worry, there is a steel drum and lyrics about a beach in Paradise Lost on Me.

If you were getting ready for that Georgia and Kentucky football game last weekend, you might have seen Georgia’s hype video. It got its name from the song used as the music. GA Clay is track 12 on the new album and the Zac Brown Band helped get Dawgs fans ready for the game. Things aren’t so bad when you’re the number one team in the country.