Zac Brown Sings the National Anthem for the World Series in Hometown Atlanta

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

The MLB World Series is underway and through three games one team has a slight edge. Zac Brown had National Anthem duties in Atlanta. The crowd took in the Georgia native’s song and the Braves had themselves quite a game.

There are going to be fans wanting Brown to sing before every game. He shared a photo from before the game. He was out in the empty stadium overlooking the field prior. “Calm before the storm earlier today. Game 3. Go @braves #BattleATL” the post read.

Check it out below.

Also, the Zac Brown Band Instagram page shared some videos and pictures. The first is a clip of Brown singing prior to the game. Just the very end of the anthem as the crowd begins to applaud. The band and friends got together for quite a fun night for Braves fans. Check those out, including a picture from 1995 when Zac sang his first anthem at a Braves game.

Last night, the Houston Astros tried to come in and take a game away from the Braves. However, Brown and the rest of Atlanta held strong and supported their team through the end. The Astros were held scoreless and the Braves squeaked by with a couple of runs. Now, with a series advantage 2-1, Atlanta is looking to go up 3-1. That series will continue tonight with Game 4 in ATL.

While Zac Brown might not be singing again tonight, he might be in attendance again. If the Braves win out, this is going to be quite the season for the singer. He also recently released an album…and wants to slap fight Jason Aldean?

Zac Brown Wants to Slap Fight Jason Aldean

As a competitive man with some rather large forearms, Zac Brown has a new charity idea. He has apparently been watching a certain type of YouTube video and now wants Jason Aldean to be his slap fight opponent. Before you get any ideas, there aren’t any bad feelings. Brown just thinks it would be cool.

First of all, not even Jason Aldean has been approached about this. So, the idea is in its infancy. However, Brown does have plans coming together.

“I want to do slap fights! You just stand there and slap each other. I want to challenge Jason Aldean to a slap fight, and we’ll do it all for charity,” Zac Brown said on the Rob + Holly show.

He has his reasons for selecting Aldean as well. “He’s just a Southern boy, I think he might be game to do it. I think he could [take a slap] … I thought it’d be pretty fun for people to watch us both get slapped.” Now, that’s simple enough.