Zach Bryan Announces New Single ‘Highway Boys’ Releasing Later This Month

by Maggie Schneider

Singer/songwriter Zach Bryan is announcing his new single, “Highway Boys.” The track is on his upcoming record, American Heartbreak.

Get excited, Zach Bryan fans! It looks like we have a release date for the artist’s next single. “Highway Boys” is dropping March 25, just two months prior to his album release. American Heartbreak, the full new collection of songs, comes out May 20th.

Taking to Twitter with excitement, Bryan posts an honest message about his music. He makes it clear that he does not write songs for the fame or fortune. Instead, he writes songs for himself.

“I don’t care if you like my music or not, I don’t care if my songs are number one,” he says. “When I die I’ll get to say I sang about the human experience & never gave a damn if I was successful or whether some tough ass posers liked it or not. These are my songs.”

The image Bryan includes looks to be a piece of album art. It looks like Bryan and a friend are shirtless, posing against an old Ford pickup truck. The view behind them shows off beautiful mountain scenery.

After receiving mixed responses to his caption, Bryan adds that he is very thankful for his success.

“Don’t get me twisted, I’m incredibly thankful in the most discerned way, I’m the luckiest man alive and today just might be the best day ever, but I’m not going to let the vanity or the comparison of music get in the way of what we’re making. Love u guys.”

Fans React to Zach Bryan’s Announcement

Fans respect this comment and are excited for the release of his new record. His fans are definitely loyal and passionate.

“Zach is without a doubt the best musician who makes the best music out there,” one comment reads.

“Keep making the music YOU want to make. that’s the good stuff,” another fan writes.

Zach Bryan receives plenty of support online, especially when he is teasing a new song. Just yesterday, the songwriter posted two clips of some new things he’s been working on.

The 16-second clip is definitely keeping his followers buzzing.

“It’s so amazing to live off the old albums and hear the healing that’s happened since then in the new songs. We along for every second of the ride ZB,” @LibertyMccrary tweets.

“Can we get a song in march so we get a song every month till the album comes out,” says @Kroberts3636. Well, it looks like this fan got their wish since “Highway Boys” drops this month!

The artist is staying busy writing songs and hitting the road soon. His schedule is full of big festival appearances, as well as opening for Luke Combs’ Stadium Tour. Check out all the dates here.