Zach Bryan Declares John Mayer ‘Top Three of Our Time’ Artist After Seeing Him Live

by Maggie Schneider

Singer/songwriter Zach Bryan is in awe of John Mayer’s talent after seeing him perform live at Madison Square Garden. Tweeting about his experience just 12 hours ago, Bryan is in awe of the entire show.

“I went and saw John Mayer last night painfully sober with my best friend at Madison Square Garden and holy shit? He’s definitely not overrated but I don’t think it’s over-hyping to say he’s top three of our time. a genius??” he writes.

It sounds like Zach Bryan does not regret attending the concert. Fellow country star Parker McCollum agrees with Bryan, comparing the “Gravity” singer to a video game.

“In the all around… he’s number 1. Like a video game created player but it’s an artist,” he writes.

“His live show is like crafted? Not put together—crafted. Inspiring as hell to see,” Bryan replies

The sweet tweet-interchange makes me want to see what Mayer’s show is all about. Or, perhaps, we will see one of these country stars cover “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” sometime soon.

Zach Bryan Shares ‘Condemned’ Songwriting Process

Like John Mayer, Zach Bryan is a prolific songwriter. In a fan Q&A session on Twitter, he tells the story behind his hit song “Condemned.”

“That was the third song I ever posted on Twitter,” he begins. “I wrote out the line, ‘mama said I’d never be condemned’ I repeated condemned in my head a few times and wrote ‘I’m condemned, I’m condemned oh my hearts around the bend’ and it evolved into what it is.”

The songwriter marks this song as his first big break.

“After this song, the first article was written about me online and it felt like I blew up overnight after that Twitter video. When we were recording the record, it was the last song we recorded.”

At the end of the Twitter thread, Zach Bryan explains the laughing at the end of the track.

“We were all drunk as hell and my redneck buddy came up while we were recording it and we laughed our asses off because we were so grateful to be done but also he said ‘that’s a banger’ in the most country accent at the end. Then we spelled it wrong,” he says.

“Condemned” remains one of Bryan’s most popular tracks. With over 26 million streams on Spotify, fans love the song for its authenticity. It is also on an episode of Paramount’s Yellowstone.

You can hear the hit single live on Zach Bryan’s tour this spring and summer. Playing festivals like Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and Stagecoach, the songwriter is definitely rising to the top. Check out all of his upcoming tour dates here.