Zach Bryan Drives Fans Crazy Teasing Upcoming Album Song Lyrics

by Clayton Edwards

Over the past couple of years, Zach Bryan has gained a huge following. First, he grabbed the ear of the internet with a series of viral songs. Then, the Yellowstone music director added Bryan to the show’s soundtrack. That boosted his signal to new heights and more people became fans overnight. More recently he toured the country, adding more people to his group of devoted fans.  Now, those devoted fans are eagerly awaiting a new album.  

Zach Bryan dropped his first album, the self-released DeAnn in August of 2019. Then, he released an album, Elisabeth, and an EP Quiet, Heavy Dreams in 2020. With that timeline, it’s easy to see why fans believe a new record is right around the corner. Bryan is stoking the flames of their desire by sharing snippets of new lyrics on this Twitter feed.

Over the past couple of days, Zach Bryan has been tossing out a line or two of lyrics at a time. Fans took notice. One wanted to know, “Are these your lyrics? What Song? I’m in love with it already!”

Zach Bryan Stokes the Flames

If Zach Bryan’s fans weren’t already pumped to see the Oklahoma native sharing new lyrics, they were after he answered the question. “ALBUM SON!!!!” he said, cranking everyone’s excitement up to 11. A couple of fans even thought he was announcing that he was finally ready to drop a new record. “Thought this was the announcement,” tweeted one disappointed fan.

However, Zach Bryan let them know that the album was still in the works. “Not teasing I swear guys I really mean it when I say I want it to count. I’m so freaking happy and excited thank you for the patience and hope you don’t hate it,” he said. Bryan ended the statement with “She’s coming.”

It looks like we’ll be waiting until after the New Year for new Zach Bryan music, but that’s fine. He’s had plenty of time to experience new things. Additionally, he recently received an honorable discharge from the US Navy. So, he’s got plenty of inspiration for new songs. On top of that, he’s most likely grown as a songwriter and musician. As a result, whatever he puts out next will be worth the wait and then some.

Could the Album Contain a Cover?

Zach Bryan has fired off several tweets that contain new original lyrics. Among those, though, was one that stood out. Bryan tweeted “Biggest fool to ever hit the big time, and all I gotta do is act naturally.” For those who didn’t immediately get the reference, it’s a line from the Buck Owens classic “Act Naturally.” Bryan is a stellar songwriter but it would be interesting to hear him cut a Buck Owens tune.