Zach Bryan Drops ‘Highway Boys’ and It’s an Emotional Ride

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Mickey Bernal/Getty Images)

Well, fellow Outsiders, I sure hope you’re ready to take a ride to the center of your feelings. After what seems like an eternity, Zach Bryan dropped the second single from American Heartbreak. Like we all expected, “Highway Boys” is an emotional banger. However, the Oklahoma native didn’t just give us a new single. He also dropped a video to go with it. So, this was doubly worth the wait. On top of that, if the song doesn’t punch you in the feelings, the video certainly will.

Finally learned the hard way that all good things take time, friend,” Zach Bryan sings in the new single. That’s a lesson that his ever-growing fanbase is learning day by day. Zach has been teasing songs from this album since September of last year. In February he dropped “From Austin” and that seems like forever ago. With each preview and single, the hype grows for the new album. At the same time, the wait until May 20th seems to get longer.

Digging Into the New Zach Bryan Single & Video

First, let’s talk about the killer new single that Zach Bryan dropped today. Right now, it seems that Zach Bryan reaches a new career-high every day. However, you only have to take a look at his Twitter feed to know that he’s still as humble as he was when he was dropping iPhone videos on social media a few years ago. In a way, “Highway Boys” feels like an examination of his current success. At the same time it seems like both a reminder to himself to stay humble and a pledge to his fans that he’ll stay true to the empire he’s building. Then again, he reveals his love/hate relationship with his hometown. In short, there is a lot going on here.

The chorus of this new single really drives home the road-weary feeling as well as Zach Bryan’s commitment to remain an authentic artist. “I wanna ride that K-10 to way back when. / Sleep next to the river, hear it rushing again. / Get my no-good soul back to where it belongs. / And do my best to keep truth in songs.

If you’ve picked up and moved hundreds of miles away from home, parts of “Highway Boys” might hit you like a nine-pound hammer. Lines like, “And all of my old friends miss having me around. / But, highways work both ways / And I can’t stand the liars in town,” may hit really close to home.

The “Highway Boys” Video is Something Special

The video for the new Zach Bryan single adds a little more weight to the already emotional track. It’s made up of clips from the road. Zach has shared a few of these clips on social media. However, most of them are brand-new to most fans. We see the band traveling together, hanging out, working in the studio, and rocking stages. Overall it’s a brief look into the life of a highway boy.