Zach Bryan Drops Snippet of Unreleased Song ‘Open the Gate’

by Jonathan Howard
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY - OCTOBER 30: Zach Bryan performs at Old Forester's Paristown Hall on October 30, 2021 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

While fans wait patiently for the newest Zach Bryan album to drop he has shared another snippet of an unreleased song. That has fans in a frenzy, of course. With a little twangy guitar, Bryan sings a little song full of passion. The best country tunes have heartbreak or love behind the lyrics, something this singer-songwriter does very well.

He’s an Oklahoma native and wears that on his sleeve and bears that in his music. For those that think he sounds like this artist or that artist, it isn’t hard to push that aside when you hear tracks like this. This song is all Zach Bryan and just some gold old country music.

So, check out this little snippet and get yourself all riled up like the rest of the fans in the Twitter replies. Outsiders, this album is going to be good. Really good.

There was a lot of commotion in the replies. Fire emojis, “homie really doesn’t miss,” and a whole slew of reaction GIFs. Fans really can’t wait for new music and this new album. After he said that this might be a 30 track record, they just can’t help themselves. His first studio album is going to be a great one, you can just feel it.

“I absolutely can’t wait!” one fan replied. “Keep killing it bro I’ll always be listening.”

Another fan said, “You can’t keep doing this to me Zach… The wait is killing me.”

If he keeps teasing his fans, some minds are going to explode. However, it really doesn’t seem like anyone is more excited than Zach Bryan himself to share a song or two with the fans. When this album finally gets here, you better believe it will be all that he posts about.

Zach Bryan Might Have a Song that He Thinks Will Make Fans ‘Disown’ Him

Now, it is hard to believe that Zach Bryan could release a song that would upset fans. However, he just had to ask the folks on Twitter how they would feel about a certain type of song on the new album. If it is going to be 30 songs like he has said, then there will be a variety of songs. Maybe even a satirical track.

“I’m scared if I put a satirical song on the record you guys will disown me pls favorite this [if] it’s okay,” the singer tweeted. Like it always does, the tweet made fans respond in mass. Of course, they are 100% on board with a satire song as long as they get the album in full.

Zach Bryan releases little song snippets pretty regularly. So, there is no telling what he might put out next. He has a big year ahead with the album, tour dates, and more.