Zach Bryan Gives Another Preview of Emotional Song He’s Been Teasing for Months

by Clayton Edwards

We’re still a few months out from American Heartbreak and Zach Bryan seems hellbent on making that wait seem longer. The Oklahoma native has been teasing new songs and sharing snippets of lyrics for months now.

Back in September, Zach Bryan shared a short audio clip of him singingIt’s about time that I left Austin / It’s about time you settled down / With a man that doesn’t move as quick / As trains rollin’ through town / It’s about time I face hard times I’ve let go / Love was just an ocean I will drown before I flow.”

That’s all it took to know that the song would be a heartbreaker. Early this morning Bryan shared another sample of the same song. However, it sounds a little cleaner this time. Additionally, a video clip accompanies the song, but it’s not just him strumming and singing as usual. Instead, this one looks like it might be a throwback-flavored music video. Check it out below.

It’s hard to say where the clip from September falls in the song. However, today’s teaser features the acoustic guitar intro. So, it’s safe to say that it’s the first verse.

 “There is concrete below me and a sky above so blue. / I’m finally leaving Austin and I wish it was with you. / I am just a sickness and you seem to be the cure. / How much can a southern girl honestly endure? / Remember northwest mountains they were snow…”  

Is Zach Bryan Teasing a Single Release?

In the caption, Zach Bryan simply said, “SO SOON,” which lit a fire in the hearts of his fans. At the same time, it leaves me wondering if he’s teasing a new video and single release. Could he be dropping new music this Friday? Only time will tell. However, the clip above does look like a music video. So, it might be time to get excited.

A few days ago, Zach Bryan announced that he would drop two versions of “Something in the Orange” as a single on April 22nd. However, he didn’t say it would be the lead single from American Heartbreak. With the album set to drop on May 20th, Zach technically has plenty of time to drop two singles before the album hits shelves and streaming.

Zach Bryan has the freedom of not having to worry about giving his singles time to climb the country radio charts. Instead, he drives his album sales with constant interaction with his fans on social media and killer live shows. More importantly, he writes, performs, and records music that comes from his heart. The authenticity in his writing and the passion in his voice are more than enough for those who are willing to dig a little deeper than their radio dial to find good music.

So, we’ll just be over here with our fingers crossed hoping for a new single and music video until Friday.