Zach Bryan Previews a Bunch of New Music, Including Satirical Song About Nashville

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Zach Bryan has been hard at work on some new music. Luckily, he’s been kind enough to take us all along on the journey. He recently previewed new music from his upcoming album on Twitter, including a satirical, auto-tuned song about Nashville. According to Zach Bryan’s Twitter, he’s been recording in New York City, at Electric Lady Studios.

The first song Zach Bryan previewed is “Open the Gate.” From what I get from the clip, this is a song about someone proving their worth. Specifically, I think it’s about bull riding. This song conjures up the image of a rodeo; big bright lights, the smell of dirt and animals, a woman worried about her fiancé as he prepares to ride the bull. This song is rich with imagery, and will definitely be stuck in my head all day.

Next, Zach posted “’68 Fastback.” This clip starts with steady fiddle and guitar, melding into a really fun sound. From what I gather, the imagery of this song creates a scenario where a ’68 fastback that “looks like a hatchback” is challenging the person in the song to a race. This song touches on tough cars on the surface; but deeper, it’s about building things that last, and, possibly, the American spirit.

The third preview didn’t have a title. But, it’s fast and raucous. It paints a picture of “two kids in the back / drunk off their ass / screaming in an old Bronco.” Now, I love this song already, and not only because of the fast, fun melody; but because my dream car is an old Bronco, and I love anything that mentions them. Superficial? Yeah, sure, but what’s life worth if you don’t love things for silly reasons? Either way, the sound definitely puts me in mind of speeding down the highway with all the windows open.

Zach Bryan Shares New Music on Twitter

Now, there’s one song that Zach Bryan seemed to be worried about posting. He wrote on Twitter, “I’m scared if I put a satirical song on the record you guys will disown me.” Fans seemed to be down for it, so he posted a clip.

It’s modeled after a typical country song, which isn’t really Zach Bryan’s style; his voice leans almost into y’allternative territory (country + alternative), while his lyrics are innovative and break from the norm. But here, he wrote more mainstream on purpose. There’s the “yeah”s and “hey”s that you get with typical country songs; and then he says, “I’ve never heard a song this good.”

“If she wants a cowboy / I’ll cowboy the best,” he sings, which really lends itself to the satirical nature of the song; most country songs are about being the cowboy-est cowboy, being the twangiest, the one who’s ridden the most horses and drank the most beer. Zach Bryan really taps into that in this song. It’s funny, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of it.

Along with this new music, Zach Bryan has already released the full length version of the song “From Austin,” which will be on his debut album “American Heartbreak.”