Zach Bryan Previews New Song That’s a Straight Dagger to the Heart

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Zach Bryan draws fans from around the world in with his expressive voice and deeply personal songwriting. Bryan transforms pain, strife, love, and other facets of real-life into relatable and touching songs. Early this morning, he shared a brand new song with his Instagram followers and it will hit you right in the heart.

Zach Bryan captioned the clip with “Everyone I’ve ever loved has either left or died.” which is a pretty deep statement in and of itself. That caption alone would hit a little too close to home for some people. However, it turns out that the statement is a line in the new song. The rest of the lyrics serve as a whetstone for the edge of that already sharp statement. Check out the new tune below.

In the brand new song, Zach Bryan sings, “You remember getting’ drunk on the outskirts of this town / When I gave you all I had but it still let you down / Everyone I’ve ever loved has either left or died / Wish I was born with concrete shoes but I’m leavin’ tonight / It’s about time that I left Austin / It’s about time you settled down / With a man that doesn’t move as quick / As trains rollin’ through town / It’s about time I face hard times I’ve let go / Love was just an ocean I will drown before I flow.”

Then, he continues the song. However, the recording cuts off shortly after that string of lyrics. If Zach Bryan planned to leave his fans wanting more, he succeeded. The comments section is full of people who are excited to hear more from the Oklahoma native.

Zach Bryan Is Hitting the Road

There is no way of knowing when Zach Bryan will officially release the song he previewed today. However, there’s a chance you might hear him play it live in the near future. Many artists like to take new songs on the road and see how they work with their audience. Bryan is currently gearing up to play a string of shows across the United States.

Zach Bryan kicks off his upcoming live shows on October 20th at The Pageant in St. Louis, Missouri. Then, he’ll be heading to The Shed in Maryville, Tennessee on the 22nd. After that, he’ll be hitting several mid-sized venues across the state. All told, Bryan will play 21 shows between late October and late November. Check his website for more info and tickets.

However, if you want to see him before October 20th, Zach Bryan will play the HSC Legends Concert at Dickies Stadium in Fort Worth, Texas. The show takes place on October 4th and features Bryan and Pat Green opening for legendary Southern rockers ZZ Top.