Zach Bryan Releases Lead Single ‘From Austin’ Off Studio Debut Album ‘American Heartbreak’

by Clayton Edwards

Zach Bryan has been teasing new music for months now. He’s shared a few rough clips of new songs as well as a ton of lyrics on social media. On Wednesday, he shared what I believed was a clip from a new music video for an upcoming single. It turns out I was right. In the wee hours of the morning, Zach dropped a brand new single called “From Austin” and a video to go with it.

It turns out that Zach Bryan had already shared a good portion of the song with his fans and followers. Wednesday, we got most of the first verse. We heard a demo recording of the chorus and second verse back in September. However, hearing the song in its entirety with the silky studio production is a whole different experience.

I knew that “From Austin” was going to be a heartbreaker after hearing the first snippet back in September. In the song, Zach Bryan sings about loving someone deeply but being no good for them. Lines like “I am just a sickness and you seem to be the cure,” along with the chorus really drove that home. Then, came the final lines of the song “If loving you’s an ocean I’d have drowned so you could float.” Talk about ending on an emotional gut punch.

So far, “From Austin” and “Something in the Orange” are the only widely-known songs from American Heartbreak. Both of those tunes live up to the album’s title. If the rest of the record is like this, a good portion of the country music world will be deep in their feelings when Zach Bryan drops the album in May. Honestly, I can’t wait to hear all the pain and heartache he has in store for us.

Zach Bryan’s First Studio Album

It’s crazy to think that the upcoming American Heartbreak will be Zach Bryan’s first studio album. So far, he’s built a huge and dedicated fanbase with live shows, constant social media interaction, and self-produced music. He recorded both DeAnn and Elizabeth in a home studio. In fact, the only time he’s ever been in a professional studio is when he cut two songs with Dave Cobb for the Yellowstone soundtrack. You can hear both of those tunes on Studio A Recordings.

Ryan Hadlock produced “From Austin” for Zach Bryan. So, there’s a good chance that he did the rest of American Heartbreak as well. In the past, Hadlock has produced the Lumineers’ platinum-selling self-titled album. He’s also worked on Brandi Carlisle’s The Firewatcher’s Daughter. However, he’s been working in the studio since he was a teenager, helping to produce records for bands like Heart, Soundgarden, and the Foo Fighters. In short, American Heartbreak is in good hands with Hadlock behind the board.

Between Zach Bryan’s stellar songwriting and expressive vocal delivery and Hadlock’s Grammy-nominated production chops, the new record is bound to be a beautiful and heartbreaking musical experience.