Zach Bryan Releases Preview of New Song Ahead of New Album

by Hannah Heser

Zach Bryan has risen to fame with the help of social media. Nowadays, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and other apps help artists get their music out there. Instead of hoping for a record label, these apps help independent artists get the recognition they deserve. Some are even winning awards for their songwriting ability.

But Bryan has gone beyond social media with a new album on the way. Recently, the country artist teased a brand new song on Twitter for his fans to enjoy. In the minute-long clip, the “Heading South” singer is playing the acoustic guitar and singing with a violinist next to him.

It didn’t take long for fans to instantly tell the musician that they needed this song to be released as soon as possible. I mean, the melody, chords, and lyrics make the song a masterpiece.

In the caption of his post, Bryan tweeted, “You in the morning time, reminds me of a simpler time.” This seems like a hint to the title of the song. Hopefully, he listens to his fans and releases it soon.

Listen here:

Fans shared their thoughts on the sneak peek of the new tune.

“Excellent!!! Especially that fiddle player!!!!” one user wrote in the comments on Bryan’s post.

“Great music young man! Go be great & represent the 918!” another fan added.

So Outsiders, are you ready for more music from Zach Bryan? He’s got a lot in store for us this year.

Zach Bryan Revealed the Release Date For His Upcoming Album

The release date for Zach Bryan‘s album is almost upon us. The album will be landing on May 20th. It may seem like a few months away still, but it’ll be here before you know it. Bryan continues to make the wait a tad bit more bearable with his sneak peeks.

In an Instagram post, Bryan attached five photos that relate to the meaning of the album. The album is called American Heartbreak and the pictures show him living life solo after a breakup.

The caption reads: “American Heartbreak will be available everywhere on May 20th. As my first studio album I’ll say I did everything I possibly could to have written it as well as I knew how. If you guys want updates on songs being released before the whole album, you can follow the link in my bio and get notified when things start releasing. This has been real challenging work for me and I’m incredibly excited for you guys to hear it.”

While waiting for the record, you can pre-order it here.