Zach Bryan Says You Can Hear His Chocolate Lab on His Album If Listen ‘Close Enough’

by Joe Rutland

Country music star Zach Bryan is giving his dog a shoutout from making an appearance on his album. Well, he is saying so. Bryan lets fans know that the chocolate labrador can be heard. He was responding on social media to a fan and dropped the inside recording scoop. Hey, fans will now really pay close attention when they listen to this Zach Bryan record. Yeah, it might be something to say that music is going to the dogs but in this case, it’s all good stuff.

Zach Bryan Album Happens To Feature Four-Legged Backup Singer

While there were some replies to Zach Bryan, this one is pretty good. One fan writes: “You should somehow get his bark or something mixed in the background of a song. It would be iconic and forever he would be a part of your music. When he is gone one day he would always be there in a way but idk maybe that is a weird idea lol”.

Hey, fans that care about your music are a good thing to have for a singer. Speaking of good things that can happen, Bryan is heading back out on the road.

Yep, the concert season just got a lot better with Zach Bryan and his The American Run Tour. It will go through the spring and summer and you can get those tickets. So, the tour kicks off on April 22 in Miramar Beach. He will be on the road through the end of September. “Back on the road with the boys. can’t wait to see you guys,” he writes on an Instagram post that made the announcement.

Country Artist Thanks Fans For Supporting His Newest Song

Now, if you are looking for new Zach Bryan music, then it’s already out! See, he released his newest song “From Austin” back on February 25. He does love his fans and that’s quite evident. Bryan thanks his fans for the support that the song has received. It’s certainly an impressive debut.

Earlier on February 28, Bryan shared Spotify’s top songs in the U.S. from February 25-27, 2022. That list indicated that his new song was at No. 3 on the charts.

To see one of your songs rise on the charts has got to feel really good. A musician puts out songs and always hopes for the best. Zach Bryan is one of the most impressive new artists out there on the music scene.

What a solid start to this musician’s career. Upon sharing this on social media, Bryan wrote a very humble “Thank u guys.” That’s a cool way to simply tell fans that you appreciate their support. Obviously, Zach Bryan does that and then some.