Zach Bryan Shares Sampling of Emotional New Song

by Clayton Edwards

Zach Bryan is driving his fans crazy with all of the new songs he is sharing and we hope he never stops.  If his Twitter is any indication, he won’t let up any time soon. Last week, he dropped the lead single from American Heartbreak, “From Austin” and it’s a banger. A few days later, Bryan announced that a new song called “Highway Boys” would drop later this month. However, it looks like he’s far from done teasing new music.

Early this morning, Zach Bryan shared a short clip of yet another new unreleased song with his followers. He didn’t give much away with the caption, “tape boys.” Instead, he let the music speak for itself.

It sounds like this is a work tape or demo of the song and not the fully-produced version. The clip of the new song features Zach Bryan singing over a single guitar. After the vocal part ends a harmonica comes in. So, he could have recorded the whole thing solo.

Zach Bryan’s New Song Is an Emotional Banger

So far, we’ve heard snippets of the upcoming song “Highway Boys,” “Something in the Orange,” and the lead single. All of those are full of pain, love, and longing. This one fits perfectly with what we’ve already heard. It sees Zach Bryan singing from the heart and baring his soul to the world. In short, it seems like a perfect fit for American Heartbreak.

 “I think grandfather’s gone crazy. / He keeps ramblin’ on about way back when. / Braggin’ ‘bout grandma and wartime / all the friends that he’s lost once again. / I’m gonna slow on down some way somehow / Today ain’t different from the rest. / And the you that I pine for, the you that I need/ Oh, the you I love right now is the best.”

When to Expect New Music from Zach Bryan

If this new song has you pumped to hear more from Zach Bryan, there’s plenty to look forward to. He’ll drop his first studio album, American Heartbreak on May 20th. Which isn’t that far away. However, with each new song and teaser that he drops the wait seems to get even longer.

Last Friday, Zach Bryan officially released the first song from the new album. “From Austin” is a must-hear for any country music fan. Don’t worry, though, because that’s definitely not the only song we’ll hear before the record drops. So far, he’s announced two more singles.

On February 20th, Zach Bryan announced that he would drop two versions of a new song called “Something In the Orange,” on April 22nd. We’ll get the album version as well as a version that Zach produced.

Then, on the first of March, Zach Bryan announced that he’d be releasing another new song this month. “Highway Boys” will drop exactly one month after “From Austin,” on March 25th. So, it looks like we’ll be getting new music from Zach once a month until the album finally drops in May.

It’s a good time to be a Zach Bryan fan.