Zach Bryan Shows He’s Just Like His Father in Family Photos

by Jonathan Howard

While most of the country music world turns towards Las Vegas this weekend, Zach Bryan and his father took on the “big pear”.

Here’s the Deal

  • Zach Bryan and his father are in New York City
  • “Big Pear” is a great parody of “Big Apple” and sounds like a dad thing to say
  • Those Bryan genes run deep as father and son wear matching hats
  • Tour dates start back up March 11 in Florida

Right now, the country music singer is taking a break in between tour dates and enjoying some family time. Despite what Hank Jr. had to say about NYC, I think it’s an amazing place. It seems that Bryan and his dad got into the spirit while visiting recently. These Oklahoma boys can’t help themselves, they just had to get some I ❤ NY hats to really make themselves standout.

You have got to see this for yourself.

What a caption that Zach Bryan had for this post with his father; “king sh_t only with Dad in the big pear.”

You gotta love seeing Bryan out with his dad on the big city. And we gotta applaud the Dwayne for the overalls and Shane Smith and the Saints shirt underneath. If you’re going to be a tourist, why not lean into it? Let’s be honest, you’re not fooling anyone when you go on vacation, they know you’re not a local.

The entire post is just too good, honestly.

While the country singer enjoys the big city, fans are looking forward to seeing him out on the road. With his new album American Heartbreak coming out on May 20th, he has new songs to play and has been giving fans a good time at each stop. His next show is WhiskyX in Miami, Florida.

Zach Bryan and Father Take the Big City While Teasing New Album

You know, with that new album on the way, there is no telling how many songs might be on it. Zach Bryan can be a prolific writer. He might have a stash of new stuff that blows fans away. And, he couldn’t help but tease that fact directly to his fans on social media.

“The album might be thirty songs long because none of us can choose and I can’t wait for all of us to hear it together and grinning like a–holes as a unity,” the country singer tweeted.

Then, the ideas started to flow. Fans thought up about a double album, maybe a deluxe version, or something else. Something tells me that Bryan and his folks are going to just put out these songs and let the fans have them on one album. His 2020 album, Elisabeth had 18 tracks. So, 30 isn’t that much more.

I bet Zach Bryan’s father knows how many songs there are going to be…