Zach Bryan is Turning into a Castaway at the Denver Airport: ‘Why is This Place Bigger Than the State Itself’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

While Zach Bryan lives a rather jet-setting life, even he has a hard time figuring out the Denver Airport, according to his Twitter.

Traveling ain’t all it’s cracked up to be apparently. Even with all his experience, he had a hard time finding baggage claims. There is nothing worse than not knowing where your stuff is when you get off a plane. The size of the airport bewildered the country music star.

“Couldn’t find the baggage claim in the Denver airport,” the tweet started, “so I just walked for miles and miles until eventually I grew a beard and started calling a volleyball by a name[.] Denver why is this place bigger than the state itself,” he finished.

Nice Cast Away reference there. While the tweet was exaggerated, the frustration is real. Airports can be some of the most confusing places on the planet. Hopefully, Zach Bryan was able to get his bags and get on with his day. Wouldn’t want to have to buy a new wardrobe.

Bryan has a number of tour dates for this fall and should be hitting the road as October begins. He has shows through the south with appearances in Texas, Missouri, and Tennessee. He is also going through Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Ohio. Plenty of dates for folks in the southeast region to go see the country music star.

Zach Bryan Shares New Emotional Song

With a voice and passion like Zach Bryan, it is no wonder why fans have taken to him. He is never afraid to share his feelings on a song or in statements to fans. Many times those two things coincide.

He released a new song on his Instagram with an audio clip. He captioned that clip “Everyone I’ve ever loved has either left or died.” The lyrics were expressive and deep. That caption is a line in his new song. It’s another song of heartbreak and reminiscing on the past.

You remember getting’ drunk on the outskirts of this town / When I gave you all I had but it still let you down / Everyone I’ve ever loved has either left or died / Wish I was born with concrete shoes but I’m leavin’ tonight / It’s about time that I left Austin / It’s about time you settled down / With a man that doesn’t move as quick / As trains rollin’ through town / It’s about time I face hard times I’ve let go / Love was just an ocean I will drown before I flow.”

It’s a great little tune and another example of what Zach Bryan does best. Seriously, this is a song that puts his voice and his style on full display. Another great gift for fans who are always eager to hear from the Oklahoma singer.