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Zach Bryan Urges Followers to ‘Read and Go Outside More’

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Mickey Bernal/Getty Images)

Zach Bryan is coming at us with some words of wisdom today; it seems like he’s getting a little fed up with social media. In a recent tweet, Zach Bryan bemoaned our addiction to social media and “the algorithm,” and said that we all need to go outside more.

“Such a scary thought that we’re all bubbled into echo chambers by algorithms in our hands including myself,” he wrote. “We all gotta’ read and go outside more.”

I couldn’t agree more, Zach Bryan. I don’t remember the last time I read a book. I’ll tell you what though, I’d like to know what’s on Zach Bryan’s bookshelf and if he gets inspiration for his music through reading. His writing is so inspired, taking us deep into our emotions and digging up lost feelings; I’m endlessly curious as to where he gets his ideas.

Zach Bryan Releases Tracklist for ‘American Heartbreak’

Zach Bryan is gearing up for his album release on May 20th, and he recently released the tracklist on Instagram. “American Heartbreak” is a whopping 32 songs, and we’re excited to hear all of them. Per Outsider’s list of clips Zach Bryan has released so far, we know we’ve heard snippets of a good number of the songs. But there are so many we know nothing about, and the anticipation is killing us.

Zach Bryan wrote about the album’s origins on Instagram, explaining why he wrote the album. “Here’s an album I wrote with pain, laughter, humility, love, and honesty,” he wrote. “I didn’t call it ‘American Heartbreak’ after a tacky love story, but because we all face trials every day and put ourselves back together every single time regardless. Whether in relationships or jobs, our families, our dreams or our let downs, I just wrote the whole thing praying someone just might relate to a story or two.”

Zach Bryan Notices ‘Serendipitous’ Sign in Tennessee Airbnb

Recently, while staying in an Airbnb in Nashville, Zach Bryan noticed something on the wall that spoke to him. He wrote on Twitter, “Randomly at an airbnb tonight in Tennessee and the first sentence of this is obviously in Corinthians and in the chorus of a song I wrote this year called All The Time and the verse itself is the title of the song on the album, how serendipitous and God is good ‘All The Time.’”

The tweet showcased a wall sign that featured lines from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. The sign reads, “love is patient, love is kind. It does not boast, it is not proud.” There’s a song called “Corinthians” on Zach Bryan’s new album, and we can’t wait to hear how he ties the Bible verse together in a song. With what we know of his songwriting, I’m sure it’s going to be a masterpiece.