Zach Bryan Wants to Put an End to Fans Comparing Him to Tyler Childers: Here’s Why

by Jonathan Howard

If you are going to talk about Zach Bryan, don’t do it in comparison. The young country music star has about had it with the constant comparisons, specifically to Tyler Childers. Bryan responded to a fan on Twitter to make it clear how he felt about the entire situation.

“I cannot express it enough that music is not for comparing,” Bryan replied on Twitter. The fan he responded to was claiming that Bryan was the superior artist, but that take doesn’t cut it for Bryan either. For those who operate in comparisons, even for some innocent fun, it is hard not to draw lines between Childers and Bryan.

Prior to the release of Country Squire in 2019, Childers kept to a fairly basic recording sound. The emphasis in those albums was put on the raspy and emotional voice of Childers, with raw instruments and mostly guitar sounds playing in the back. His live recordings and even Purgatory album were known for this style especially. Bryan, in his early releases, has produced much of the same style. However, the two are not identical and comparison is a bit overrated here.

For Zach Bryan, the comparison isn’t even fair. “Childers is ten fold the musician I am and I will never say otherwise,” the 25-year old remarked. The overall point is still clear and simple, music is subjective. There is no formal grading scale for musical creativity. People create music firstly to express themselves and if others happen to enjoy it, that’s a bonus.

Zach Bryan is Zach Bryan

With both Bryan and Childers being in the early years of their careers, there is no telling what creative styles may emerge in the future. While both come from small, rural America, that’s about the extent of comparison. Bryan, from Oologah, Oklahoma is going to have a lot of different influences when compared to Appalachian-born Kentuckian, Tyler Childers.

There isn’t much of a point to compare the two or argue who is the best. Again, music isn’t a competition with any sort of wins or losses. Music can be successful locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. It can be something one share only with family and friends or something more. When an artist gets on the guitar or pulls the pen out to write, they usually aren’t thinking of other artists.

Zach Bryan is going to carve his own way in the industry. Throughout his early career so far, that has been the direction all along. Tyler Childers has done the same and adapted old songs to fit his new style. The evolution of their careers will be a lot of fun to watch. One thing is clear, Bryan understands what music means for him and is completely comfortable with that position.

The new era of country music artists is upon us. There will be plenty of fans comparing new and old and artists in between with this guy or that woman. With social media today, that will likely never stop happening. Just make sure you remember to keep Zach Bryan out of the conversation. He doesn’t want to hear it.