‘My Three Sons’: Don Grady Nearly Left Show After Tina Cole Was Cast

by Atlanta Northcutt

Regardless of how it appears onscreen, there definitely wasn’t a “love at first sight” connection between Tina Cole and Don Grady on “My Three Sons.” It was quite the opposite, in fact.

Tina Cole played the role of Robbie Douglas’ wife Katie in the TV series “My Three Sons.” The role of Robbie was captured by late actor Don Grady.

The actress, who starred as Robbie Douglas’ wife Katie in the hit series “My Three Sons,” made a bold move when she and her on-screen husband Don Grady decided to share the same bed in front of cameras.

America’s Sweethearts on “My Three Sons”

America’s sweethearts weren’t originally so sweet. In fact, they broke a major onscreen rule in the 60s. Instead of sleeping in different beds, the two played one of the first husband and wife couple’s to do so in 1967.

“I got along with everybody. They instantly welcomed me, loved me, showed me around – it was wonderful. But I found out a couple of years later that Don Grady, who played Robbie, didn’t really want me to be cast,” says Cole during an interview with Fox News.

Cole explains how she didn’t really fit into who Grady believed was right for his character on “My Three Sons.” She says he was more into “surfer girls” who were skinny and blonde.

And then there’s me,” she continues. “I had no idea he really fought the casting. And I guess he felt awkward about it.”

Even without Cole knowing, she admits that things were awkward between her and n-set at first. The intimate moments shared between the two were especially rough. This didn’t go over well with the crew.

“When we were filming, we were supposed to show how this couple falls in love,” Cole recalls. “But instead of kissing, our noses would just bump into each other.”

Cole and Grady Find True Love

Although it may not have been love at first sight for the pair, so much so that one of them wanted to quit upon the other’s hiring, they made up for it. Two years later, the “My Three Sons” couple fell head-over-heels in love. During Carol’s interview, she says that they didn’t only almost get married once, but twice.

“We never did marry, but it was a very wonderful love for many years,” she says. “It’s funny because he initially didn’t like me at all because I apparently wasn’t his type.”

Unfortunately, Don Grady passed away after a long fight with cancer in June of 2012 at the age of 68. Cole continues to be an actress in Hollywood.