‘Mythbusters’ Alum Adam Savage Was ‘in Heaven’ in New Pics Teasing Upcoming Project

by Matthew Memrick

“Mythbusters” alum Adam Savage teased a famous spacesuit, saying he was “in heaven” for this weekend’s Awesome Con in Washington, D.C.

Savage got what looked to be a behind-the-scenes tour of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum on Thursday. The tour will air on his YouTube channel “Tested.”

Fans guessed that Savage was next to the famous Mercury Spacesuit. The space fan is a big Mercury mission fan and has featured replicas from his past shows. In 2014, he worked on a spacesuit replica for his “Tested” show. In 2020, he worked on a Mercury Friendship 7 space capsule cockpit. 

The B.F. Goodrich Company and the U.S. Navy made the spacesuit for pilots of high-altitude fighter aircraft in the late 1950s. It was also used on space missions starting in 1958.

‘Mythbusters’ Star Headlines At Awesome Con

The “Mythbusters” alum headlines the event with “Back to The Future” stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. William Shatner and Christina Ricci will also be at the Walter Washington Convention Center.

According to the Washington City Paper, the fair is planning lectures on different scientific theories and displays by organizations such as the Smithsonian Institution, NASA, and the National Science Foundation. 

The convention runs this weekend, and tickets are from $20 to $90.

On Aug. 28, Savage comes home to the Bay Area for another convention dubbed Silicon. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Savage hopes to bring his magic and knowledge to the show.

“I just want SiliCon to be thought of as “the maker’s con,” the “Mythbusters” alum said. “We’re going to have workshops about the complicated parts of doing cosplay and cosplay performance.”

Savage said the convention hopes to bring Hollywood costumers in to talk about the balance between wearing a costume for a movie and what it’s like to wear one on the floor of a con.

‘Mythbusters’ Star Sees “Ghostbusters” Props

Savage visited the “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” set and shot some behind-the-scenes stuff for a special. According to Geektyrant, the “Mythbusters” star explored the movie set and got to look at several movie props. 

The special effects guru is a big fan of the “Ghostbusters” franchise. When friend Jason Reitman got to direct the latest film installment, Savage jumped at the chance to see the movie’s iconic Ecto-1 car, among other things.

Initially set to hit movie theaters on July 11, 2020, Sony has moved the film’s release date a few times. The new film’s release is Nov. 11. 

Also, the “Mythbusters” star will appear in the “Labyrinth” 35th Anniversary Edition as a moderator in another movie’s special effects masterpiece. He’ll take part in an Anniversary Q&A with Brian Henson and another Muppeteers about the artistry behind the movie’s puppetry and the impact the film had on their lives, among other questions.