‘Mythbusters’ Alum Adam Savage Opens Up About Co-Star Grant Imahara’s Death: ‘A Lovely Man of Honor’

by Keeli Parkey

The death of “Mythbusters” star Grant Imahara left fans of the show and those who knew him shocked and saddened. Imahara was only 49 years old when he passed away on July 13, 2020. His cause of death was a brain aneurysm.

This week, Adam Savage, who worked with Imahara for many seasons on the famous Discovery Channel series, opened up about his co-star’s untimely death. In speaking with Yahoo! Entertainment, Savage praised Imahara for the man he was and the excitement he brought to “Mythbusters.”

“Like everybody else, I was gut-punched by Grant’s passing last year. It felt like almost too much in the face of all the other existential crises that were going on,” Savage said. “But those of us that were lucky enough to know Grant knew him as a lovely man of honor, who wanted to share his knowledge with everybody.”

“Mythbusters” was a show that put things many people hold true to the test to see if they could actually happen in real life. It was a show full of theories and experiments. And, it was educational, interesting, and fun – all at the same time. According to Savage, Imahara brought a real sense of excitement with him to the show.

“My favorite memory of Grant is, every time an experiment went the way that it should have, Grant expressed so much joy with his face,” Savage also said.

This is a sense of joy that Savage knows all too well.

“The fact is that when you conduct an experimental methodology and it works the way you expect, there are few greater highs. I couldn’t believe how much fun that was when I first started making the show. And what I felt inside is exemplified in Grant’s face. Every time something worked,” Savage also shared.

‘Mythbusters’ Honoring the Late Grant Imahara By Raising Funds for His Charity

As a way of honoring the late Grant Imahara, Adam Savage and the “Mythbusters” team have decided to raise funds for his charity. They are doing so by holding an auction and selling items used in the show. The event began on Aug 20 and will continue until Sept. 1. So, if you’re a fan of “Mythbusters” and want a piece from the show’s 2003-2018 television run, head on over and make a bid.

One item up for auction is the mechanical shark the “Mythbusters” team used in an experiment. They used it to see if someone being attacked by a shark could poke it in the eye.

“That is one of, I think, one of the most beautiful things that (former co-star) Jamie (Hyneman) and I ever built in the 20 years of our association,” Savage also said. “And I really hope it goes to a good home.”

According to Savage, funds raised by the auction will go to the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation. This organization works to motivate young people to study science, technology, engineers, arts, and math. It also provides internships and college scholarships to youth, particularly those who are underserved.