‘Mythbusters’ Former Host Adam Savage Is Unrecognizable in New Pic Featuring Crazy Wig Combo

by Madison Miller

Now that he’s no longer busting myths with the scientific method alongside Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage is letting his “hair” down. And he’s got a lot of “hair” to spare.

The “Mythbusters” star was rocking a convincing long-haired wig. He also has a long twisty handlebar mustache and a Santa Claus length beard. All of which are paired with his typical black thick-rimmed glasses.

He posted a photo of his “new look” on Twitter. He didn’t caption the photo because it really seems to speak for itself. Savage looks to be in some kind of workshop or bustling prop room.

Some Twitter users thought he looked very similar to Micheal Palin’s “It’s” character in “Monty Python.” Palin has revealed he almost drowned while rehearsing the hilarious scene where he washes onto the shore with the tide. Others also thought he looked like Adam from “Jumanji.” One Twitter user wrote, “After 26 years, someone finally rolled a 5 or 8 to get Adam out of Jumanji.” To which another person said, “Ya, they were on sale.”

All in all, Savage’s look is a savage statement for the actor. It’s certainly gotten people’s attention on social media.

Adam Savage Career After ‘Mythbusters’

Adam Savage and his co-host, Jamie Hyneman, have long since stopped hosting “Mythbusters.” The show first premiered in 2006. The two hosted for 14 seasons. The last season premiered in January 2016.

There have been several “Mythbusters” returns, however. Savage was on “Mythbusters Jr.” with a cast of teenagers instead of his former co-host. The Science Channel also revived the series with new hosts, Jon Lung and Brian Louden. They were selected from the competition, “Mythbusters: The Search.”

Besides busting myths, Savage works as an American special effects designer and fabricator, actor, educator, and TV personality. Some of his work has appeared in top Hollywood films like “Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones” and “The Matrix Reloaded.”

Now he hosts “Savage Builds” on the Science Channel. He collaborates with other experts to build really elaborate projects. The first episode of the series is called “Building Iron Man,” meaning he started off very big.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Adam Savage will appear at SiliCon, or the Silicon Valley Comic Con, in August. The event will be two days instead of three. Savage said that the event will have interesting space, science, and technology-themed panels. There will also be meet-and-greets, different workshops, and cosplay contests.

In 2020, Savage hosted monthly virtual events since people could not gather in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. William Shatner’s 90th birthday will be a huge highlight of the event.