‘Mythbusters’ Is Honoring the Late Grant Imahara: Here’s How

by John Jamison

“Mythbusters” made engineering cool. Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were the stars of the show. But the personalities of Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara kept fans coming back for more. Tragically, Imahara passed away from a brain aneurysm at 49 in July 2020. Now, “Mythbusters” is honoring his life by auctioning off several props from the show.

Of the cast members on “Mythbusters,” Grant Imahara got the most excited about building things. Whether it was a mechanical arm for punching through a window or a precise electronics rig required for setting off a bunch of explosives in sequence, Imahara would build it.

Now, “Mythbusters” fans have the opportunity to own some of those very items. Though, there isn’t much time to wait. Prop Store is currently hosting an online charity auction that runs from August 20 to September 1. The auction has everything from blueprints to the machines themselves. The best part? All of the proceeds will go straight to the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation.

The charity was established by Grant’s mother, Carolyn, following his death. She shared a statement with Collider ahead of the auction.

“…So grateful for this opportunity to raise funds that benefit the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation,” Carolyn Imahara said. She then thanked “Discovery Channel, Beyond Productions, and Prop Store for helping us bring these artifacts from Mythbusters—some of which were built by my son—to fans worldwide, while contributing to a cause very dear to Grant.”

This is the first time “Mythbusters” put together items from the show to sell. The opportunity likely won’t come around again anytime soon. So interested fans shouldn’t hesitate to check out the 80-plus items available for auction.

What Kinds of Things is ‘Mythbusters’ Auctioning Off?

Diehard fans of the show may be surprised to learn that multiple editions of the “Buster” test dummies are up for auction. After all, the contributions “Buster” made to the show can’t be overstated. Beyond Jamie and Adam themselves, no member of the crew appeared in more episodes.

And that’s saying a lot. “Mythbusters” aired more than 280 episodes from 2003 to 2018. But besides Buster, there are countless other recognizable props from the show available.

A rocket booster from the show’s first episode is currently going for $1,400. Though, that’s nothing compared to the Pollock-esque paintings which came about during the “Painting with Explosives” episode from 2013. They came from the crew’s best attempts to cover a room with paint using only explosives. The pair is currently going for $8,000.

These are just a taste of the things available to “Mythbusters” fans. Fans can readily own a piece of the show’s history. Plus, helping kids get access to quality education in the STEM fields is a great cause. It was dear to the late Grant Imahara’s heart.