Naomi Judd’s Daughter Ashley Had One Major Complaint Right Before Mother’s 1994 Super Bowl Halftime Performance

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)

Naomi Judd reveals what her daughter said to her moments before appearing onstage for the Super Bowl Halftime show.

One of the most iconic duos in country music is Naomi Judd and her daughter Wynonna. After their debut in the early 80s, The Judds went on to release 14 number one hit songs on the Billboard country chart. However, Wynonna hasn’t always been a fan of the spotlight. In fact, years after The Judds released their debut album, Wynonna and her sister Ashley made a specific request to their mother to stop dragging them onstage with her. During an interview, Naomi shared the details of her conversation with her daughters before her 1994 Super Bowl performance.

“So Super Bowl halftime show is a billion people you know are watching you. They skirted us out to the center of the stadium. I had both daughters there, Wynonna and Ashley,” said Judd. “And as the stage manager was counting us down, they both looked at me and said, ‘Mommy, quit getting us into this.'”

Naomi Judd also shared her memories of the first award she ever won with her daughter. They won the Horizon Award during the 1984 Country Music Awards. The day after the show Kathy Lee described The Judds’ award outfits as “saloon girls on peyote.”

Naomi Judd talks about daughter’s request before Super Bowl performance.

Naomi Judd Remembers Receiving Her First CMA Award

For any country musician, winning their first award marks a special moment in their careers. It’s proof that all the hard work they put into their careers has finally paid off. This was also the case when The Judds accepted their first award during the 1984 CMAs. During another interview, Wynonna and Naomi Judd both recalled the night they won the award.

“It’s like being in a car wreck – I don’t remember a lot. I just remember being ushered to the stage, and I said the dumbest thing!” said Wynonna.  “I said, ‘All I wanted was a pretty dress!'”

Naomi also slightly regretted what she said during the acceptance speech.

“And with me it was like a knee-jerk reaction, or like when you hit your thumb with a hammer,” said Naomi. “I said, ‘Well slap the dog and spit in the fire!’ And a lot of people thought I said another S-word, so they’re thinking our career was over before it started!”

Regardless of the acceptance speech, it was a special night for both of The Judds.

“That was the first night we’d ever been in a limo, the first night we’d ever been to any show,” Naomi said. “We wore these outrageously pitiful dresses. But we loved them!”