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Naomi Judd Once Revealed She ‘Felt Awkward’ Kissing Richard Thomas in Hank Williams Jr. Biopic

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Even the biggest stars can feel a little awkward sometimes. Naomi Judd might be a female powerhouse in the country and bluegrass genres, but while kissing an actor onset, she still managed to feel a tad bit uncomfortable.

During the filming of the 1983 TV biopic Living Proof: The Hank Williams Jr. Story, Naomi joined actor Richard Thomas onscreen during an intimate scene. The country singer admits to feeling “awkward” about kissing Thomas.

Naomi Judd Kisses The Actor Playing Jr.

Bocephus, better known as Hank Williams Jr., was first captivated by the singer-songwriter and matriarch of The Judds.

“I got the part and realized I was portraying the very thing I hated–groupies,” Judd wrote in her autobiography, Love Can Build a Bridge. “Being a ‘Waltons’ TV show fan, it seemed almost sacrilegious to kiss the family-style show’s star, Richard Thomas, who was now playing the role of Hank Jr. But I made $630–a huge amount of money for me. I had one easy line in my brief walk-on. It wasn’t acting. It was more like modeling.”

The Hank Williams Jr. Story

The biopic follows Hank Williams Sr.’s son as he is prepped by his mother to create a tribute act of his father’s.

One of the biggest scenes of the movie follows Williams Jr.’s fall from Montana’s Ajax Mountains. He still has scars on his face from the incident. Christain Slater, who is also an Oscar-nominee, was also part of the scene.

IMDB also states how other actors, including future Beverly Hills 90210 star Ann Gillespie; Walker, Texas Ranger‘s Noble Willingham, and the Virginian‘s actor Clu Gulager, all played roles in the film, amongst many others.  

Living Proof: The Hank Williams Jr. Story is loosely based on the Williams Jr. and Michael Bane’s book.

However, it also covers major historical truths, such as the major fall from the mountains, as well as the fact that none of his previous wives were named June Bradshaw Williams. However, the film is still an entertaining look at the life of Junior and other historical country music occurrences.