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NASCAR Racing Legend Kyle Petty Once Performed on ‘Hee Haw’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Chris Graythen/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway

While Kyle Petty is known for whipping around the race track during his highly successful NASCAR career, he has another passion for singing and performing.

And it may just make your heart race all the same.

There are few things Petty wasn’t open to giving a shot. At one point he had his own record deal from RCA Records in 1986 and went to tour the country. He released a single on the radio and had garnered some fans for his musical career. Now, it’s partially forgotten as his NASCAR career outshines everything else.

He only had one single ever released on the radio. At one point he was even considering releasing an entire solo album. However, racing soon became his life. In 1986 he had won in the Winston Cup and was well on his way to a record-breaking career.

The NASCAR singer with some impressive vocals appeared on “Hee Haw” on April 29, 1989, according to IMDb. Here he performed the song “The Other Guy.” This is his debut single in country music that is a cover of The Little River Band’s 1983 tune. Waylon Jennings, Gunilla Hutton, Richard Petty, and Misty Rowe are a few others listed as the cast of that episode.

His performance on “Hee Haw” would lead him to be an opening act for classic country artists like Randy Travis and The Oak Ridge Boys. In 1995, he released “Oh King Richard,” a song dedicated to his father who passed away. It was written by Rodney Crowell and became a part of a NASCAR-themed country music compilation album.

A very touching music video came out around the same time. It featured Kyle Petty strumming away on the guitar in front of his father’s iconic No. 43 car. Meanwhile, a series of his father’s highlights appear on the screen. It was a touching tribute that connected father and son, as well as two consecutive racing legends.

Kyle Petty Music Career

He also would perform the song “Nothing A Little Love Won’t Cure” and “Old Habits” while live on TNN’s “Nashville Now” on May 4, 1988. Both of the songs were originals from Petty that he performed for the host, Ralph Emory, as well as all the viewers at home.

He recently shared a video of him singing a song he wrote called “Old Songs” on Facebook in 2020. He called it a “quarantine.”

Kyle Petty has been playing the guitar since he was 12 and also writes his own music. He is the son of racing legend Richard Petty. He told SWVA Today in 2019 that “I wake up in the morning with a tune in my head.”

His racing career made it hard to pursue music. However, following his retirement, Petty started to spend more time with his music and has performed publically several times.

In fact, about six months ago he hosted his own virtual concert for the Jones House Cultural and Community Center in Boone, North Carolina. You can watch that video, here.